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Subject searching

This involves the use of appropriate headings and can save time and the frustration involved in the search process. A subject topic is used in a library database to describe the concept in context. The utilization of topic assigns each article a subject specialist that has read it to determine the main subjects. Each article has about 10-20 subject headings and directs the information needed by the researcher. The importance of subject searching yield specific information focuses the search process and provides the researcher with a broad range of choices to decide. In other words, the method functions like the index in the book and direct the researcher to the information of the subject. To use the strategy;

Undertake a default search that is broader

Conduct a heading field search that is more focused

Undertake a subject search which leads to much-focused findings

Cited referencing search

This is a more advanced method in and helps the researcher look backward and forward at the same time and assess how an article in question relates to the development of the discipline or topic. After a publication of an article, other scholars often use it in their research. Cited referencing search, in this case, involves an analysis of whether the author has used your previously cited published article in their reference list. This strategy of referencing gives the researcher an opportunity to take older articles and follow their use by other scholars up to the present time in related topics of study. When using the method, related articles are often found more than your article.

Various library databases have the support of hyperlinked references and the cited by aspect that easily connects the researcher with the full article in case they are available online.

Google Scholar

This referencing strategy allows the researcher to look for article and books from academic publications, professional societies, and institutions of higher learning. This platform is expected to work if the researcher knows the intended article topic and to search whether newer research has been cited. To use the strategy, the researcher types the name of the article then click on cited by which is expected to bring the list of recent articles that cite the previously published articles. In this case, these will be accessed as newer articles. However, it is essential to note that Google scholar fails to show the full text for the scholarly articles.

Methodology search

This is the simplest method of finding articles and journals since specific methodologies are added as keywords to the research process. The researcher determines the kind of term to use as a keyword in the library database. These keywords include:

Study type (qualitative or qualitative)

Study method used in the article to collect data (interview or survey)

Method used to analyze data in the article (ANOVA or t test)

Homeless individuals and the correlation to mental illness

Articles found

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