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Diane Ravitchs work on The essentials of a good education has vital importance in the analysis of the factors that affect student and learners. Diane provides an opportunity for understanding the challenges faced by learners by incorporating environmental aspects and personal experiences with relation to the education framework. A nation aimed at creating a system that will suit its needs and result to social and economic development must improve elementary and secondary education (Ravitch, 237). The study of the population structure can also be vital in structuring the education system, a developing country will have the highest population between ages 17 and 24, and therefore an increase in educational facilities should be considered.

The system though shaped like a pyramid serving only about 3% of the total population, should consider expansion to cater for the need of higher education. If segregation of boys and girls is appraised, then the system should ensure the educational resources and environment are kept identical to suit both groups. The essence is, improvement of quality and standards of education should be hand in hand with the development of quality schools. These schools act as a foundation for the education system. An increase in the proportion in higher learning institutions will only occur with the provision of quality and affordable essential education. In her writing, Ravitch offers clear outline on the issues and problems facing public education. She provides a concise research to support the assertions. The essentials assertion is that specific recommendation are essential in solving problems such as class size and teaching strategies. The provision, however, does not prove that the process of problem fixing is cheap or easy (Ravitch, 243). An explanation tailored to suit this cost problem a provided by Ravitch is that for those who care such initiatives are cheap.

Malcolm learning to read is a personal experience in the path of search for education. This piece presents a description of the instances of struggle on personal level emulating educated people. It presents a difficult learning experience as an inmate in a bid to find his self. The environment is not appealing and characterized by lack of reading materials. Malcolm's internal motive led to him obtaining morals and influencing his life by gauging the morals presented through books.

Family income status is a factor that impacts education. There are various issues encompassed in low-income status which affect the learning experience. Firstly, low income has affected my access to learning materials and other educational resources. Studying in a competitive environment with lack of necessary resources is the last thing any person would wish. This provides unfair ground and has resulted in a stream of poor results when in the real sense my learning capability is beyond what is reflected in examinations. This condition means that the only school provided resources are available, and hence I lack exposure compared to students with study laptops and other resources. Low income in a competitive set up only sees an individual secure chance in low-quality schools and mostly in public schools. These schools may be affected by myriads of problems and thus the priorities as described by Diane be misplaced. Effecting changes to curriculum and availability of resources in these schools is also a challenge. Being dissatisfied with educational environment becomes a struggle as the initiatives to work hard and perform well are usually thwarted by resentment. Poverty has created a social divide in educational facilities and brought about mistreatments emanating from personal wellbeing. Poverty commands no respect among peers, and hence it is a source of discrimination. Poverty results in many social problems which are related to education. Such challenges include discrimination, social exclusion, et cetera. In poor neighborhoods, education is a priority to break the poverty cycle but the strategies employed are insufficient to thrust an individual beyond secondary education. Exposure to poverty-related challenges in childhood inhibits effective development due to the effect of a more demanding environment (Boyd, 180). Poverty poses a challenge of poor planning and reflections. In these setups, learning is greatly impacted negatively.

Experiences that impart knowledge in an individual are crucial in the determination of the effectiveness of education. These factors affect the learning environment which in turn influences the educational outcome. These factors are crucial in an educational set up, and they should be kept in a way that they pose the least distraction to learners. However, it is the internal traits of a learner that bring about educational effectiveness. The educational objectives will be grasped in a case where the learners have an intrinsic desire for education. This according to learning to read by Malcolm X is relevant as the author was able to learn morals as an inmate and later used the morals to lead a nation (Boyd, 161). An internal desire for educational performance and accountability will influence the adaptation to the learning environment. Decision making rests on the learners, and this means that interest in the education system will affect the best decisions as far as adhering to educational rules and regulations as required. Intrinsic desire influences healthy competition in the learning institutions in a bid for self-betterment.

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