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My name is Kasandra, and I am sixteen years old. I am presently in high school and planning on moving to Miami to pursue a bachelor's degree in Psychology for children after graduation. I love working with children especially those in elementary schools. They motivate me to learn more as they are very inquisitive and eager to learn. For this reason, I would wish to study psychology for children. I would love to explore the course at Florida International University as it is a vibrant student learning institution which prepares its students to succeed in the global market. I want to master the psychology of children through learning their psychological development from childhood to maturity as well as the factors which influence their thinking and behavior.

I believe that for the university to produce highly qualified students at FIU, it must have experts in the discipline who teach the students. For one to be an expert, they must learn from the experts. I believe that the school of psychology at Florida International University is the best in Miami hence I would wish to be a part of the institution. It is one of the best institutions which attracts the highest world standard rating in psychology. The school additionally has abundant resources to enhance study as students can carry out their research in the superb laboratories, therefore, providing an engaging and exciting learning experience.

I am planning on furthering my education upon completion of the bachelor's degree and pursue masters in the same course. In the end, I hope to open my practices in different parts of the country as well as states. This is due to the diverse options which psychology offers to the students. Accreditation of the degree course allows students to pursue further professional training in their areas of interest which n my case is the children psychology. I believe that with the transferable skills gained from the course, I will comfortably be my employer as I create more job opportunities for other. However, to achieve this, I intend to work hard during my studies and achieve good grades which will earn me a good position in a reputable organization for further training and hands-on skills. This will enable me to understand the actual working environment.

Psychology is a dynamic field which incorporates effective communication skills and substantial research and an understanding of the reasons why people act the way they do. This provides students with an excellent opportunity to work in dynamic fields such as the human resource departments, marketing, sports and health and more options. What other fields can be more exciting to study than psychology? Psychology helps the student understand the necessary scientific and psychological principles. This is because it is a social science that highly relies on scientific methods. For the success of the career, students have to understand and interpret statistical results and research methodologies. This enables them to be good at problem-solving methods even later in their lives. Psychologists teach or focus on how people think critically. Psychology courses offer critical thinking to the students making them educated. Students can identify the best course of action to take in their lives.

The course additionally assists one to understand themselves as well as understanding others. It encourages students to learn the aspects of human behavior which supports them in their daily lives such interactions among themselves, learning of memory performance as well as the ability to cope with pressure and identifying the causes of psychological disorders. Through the study of children psychology, one can comfortably interact or relate with children and learn from them. One can earn their trust hence increased improve their working environment.

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