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In the last few decades, family problems such as women rape have grown significantly across the globe. Nonetheless, most of the rape victims, including their spouses, are reluctant to report the rape case to the police or even seek help after such an incidence. These victims experience elevated traumas and when they finally seek help, it is on other problems such as anxiety and depression. In the end, they get psychological fears such as, for the victims raped outdoors; they get the fear of leaving the house. As a remedy, women are asked to keep in shape to get the strength to fight back and run fast. Conclusively, both genders ought to have a radical restructuring of the way they perceive sexuality. As long as they play games on date and women pretend to be impassive to sex, rape will continue.

Another core family problem is child molestation (a childs sexual abuse from an adult). Sexual abuse includes exposing a child for erotic pleasure and photography, oral-genital contacts, and sexual intercourse. All countries have the responsibility and the legal right to intervene when a child is exploited, neglected, or abused. However, similar to the rape victims, most of the complainants are reluctant to make a report to protective services due to their vigorous scrutiny of the family environment. For example, the protective service agency keeps making unannounced visits to view the everyday appearance of the home environment. If a child is in danger, the child has to be vacated from home, which parents are most afraid of.

An interesting point about this reading assignment is that though the law offers similar rights to adults and the children, there is still an issue in the balance. The state is sitting on the fence on whether to intervene when adults religious beliefs are opposed to their own or their kids acquiring medication for any health incidence. In addition, they do not know if to intervene when they are with serious emotional problems, and they are reluctant to seek professional help. It becomes difficult to decide when to intervene as it is not accurately predictable what the intervention will have on the family, particularly when the public knows about a rape case or the child is put in a foster home.

What is most confusing in this reading is how a parent could molest his or her flesh and blood. A query for discussion is why the above family problems occur close to a marital breakdown. Why do spouses rush into marriage with the belief that they are romantically in love? When the marriage fails, they end up in alcoholism, which makes them physically and verbally abusive to their spouse and their kids. Arguably, some female victims have complained of being raped by their spouses when they are on a breakdown, and he is on drugs.

To this end, I suggest that the state intervenes in all possible ways it can. Rapist is not to be allowed to reside freely within our communities, as they will do more harm than good. Spouses who molest their kids ought to be locked up too, or their kids put into foster care to protect their interests. In addition, the victims of rape and molestation need to speak up and get professional help, which will assist in the gradual process of recovery and happier living. The state has offered an equal amount of rights to both adults and children. Therefore, parents should put their personal interests away when it comes to protecting and raising their children and maintaining a happy marriage.

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