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The third solution that the universal healthcare would create in the American society is that it would strengthen the rest of social safety net, and eliminate patchwork of junky systems and mandates which provides for the disables and the unemployed in America. In this manner, the program would eliminate challenges affecting the exchange plans in the health sector. The fourth solution to the challenge is that universal healthcare would help in strengthening paid family and sick leave, unemployment insurance and disability benefits. Such would be made possible because of the universal insurance program would ensure that healthcare is decoupled from employment. The result is a better working relationship and a better coordination among various sector of healthcare in the country. The final solution is that the program would help in improving generosity with regards to the extant Medicare in that it would cover the costs of outpatient, inpatient, dental, vision, emergency services, mental health, and the nursing home care.

Section Three

Despite the expected benefits that the American society would enjoy upon the enactment of universal healthcare, there are negatives associated with the program and one is that it would discriminate against the uninsured. In this manner, universal healthcare would discriminate against the 30 million uninsured Americans. The other factor that would make the program unsuitable is that there are millions of undocumented people in the United States which would affect the implementation of the program. The 4.9 million undocumented residents and the 8.9 adults and children that were not enrolled for the Medicaid program in their states for complex reasons would affect the implementation process of universal healthcare hence make it not feasible. Finally, there is the effect that the program would have on Obamacare, and this is because it would negate the benefits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in America.

Section Four

Despite universal healthcare being associated with various challenges, there are ready solutions to the same to ensure that there is proper implementation of the program in the society as required. First, the secretariat tasked with the implementation of the same would streamline insurance services and ascertain that most, if not all, people are insured so that they can enjoy benefits of universal healthcare. Moreover, the program can incorporate the services that Obamacare provides and create a holistic medical program for the betterment of healthcare services in the country. By borrowing from Obamacare, there would be the ease of improving the quality of universal healthcare. Finally, inclusion of every suitable person in American would call for the documental of everyone suitable for the process and eliminate the challenge associated with the discrimination of the program towards the undocumented persons.


It is apparent that universal healthcare would introduce various benefits to the American population concerning health care. In this regard, there is a need to sensitize the population on the same to increase awareness in the communities concerning the program; this would help the population to know about provisions of the program and the requirements that citizens need to fulfill. Moreover, the political class need to streamline the healthcare sector to contain the new program to ensure that there are no conflicts between universal healthcare and Obamacare for the smoot running of operations in the society. The program is beneficial to the society and would help in saving costs of medical care and help in the improvement of quality of medical services.



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