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Safety is a primary concern that should not be taken lightly when driving a vehicle. Every year there are numerous cases of accidents due to careless driving that results in fatal injuries and in more serious cases, loss of life. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, approximately 1.3 million people lose their lives and an additional 20 to 30 million are disabled or injured in car crashes every year. Furthermore, road traffic accidents rank as the 9th leading cause of death and account for about two percent of deaths globally (Association for Safe International Road Travel). Such staggering statistics are a clear indication that there is an urgent need for every diver to understand the importance of driving safely.

There are various reasons why it is important to drive safely, the most obvious of which is safety. Reckless driving puts the driver, the passengers as well as other road users in great danger. Car accidents due to careless driving have severe consequences for all road users as they can result in death, fatal injuries and disruptions in schedules and road routes as well as financial complications (The Stewardship Report). In the United States, road accident contributes to over 37000 deaths and cost the government 230.6 billion dollars each year (Association for Safe International Road Travel). Thus, by obeying the speed limits, maintaining a safe distance between cars and using the indicators at the appropriate time, drivers can ensure the safety of all road users and decrease the number of accidents on the roads.

Another importance of driving safely is financial gain. Safe driving is a significant factor in determining insurance premiums for a vehicle. Drivers with vehicles fitted with trackers that send driving habits to the insurance benefit from low premiums if their driving habits reflect safe driving. Additionally, for insurance companies that do not utilize trackers to determine driving habits, as the cost of premiums is determined by the number of accidents a vehicle is involved in, the number of insurance claims made among other factors, driving safely helps in avoiding claims and accidents thus resulting to lower insurance premiums (The Stewardship Report). Furthermore, driving safely also means that one does not spend a lot of money for car maintenance and does not accrue fines due to reckless driving which helps save money while maintaining a good driving record.

Driving safely is also important as it helps to set a good example to other drivers as well as the passengers in the vehicle. More so, setting a good example by driving safely is especially important for teenage drivers as car accidents are the leading cause of death among people between the ages of fifteen to twenty-nine (Association for Safe International Road Travel). As such, adult drivers need to reinforce the habits of safe driving to teenagers and young adults through such actions as obeying all the road sign, checking mirrors, wearing a seatbelt and not doing any other activities during driving. Such strategies also ensure that the next generation of drivers also practices safe driving thus reducing the number of accidents and fatalities in the future.

Responsible and safe driving is a very important role for every person. As such, it is critical for every driver to understand the importance of safe driving as reckless driving can result in dire consequences. Furthermore, safe driving is advantageous as it ensures safety for all road users, results to financial gains and also sets a good example for other road users as well as future drivers.

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