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Discuss the public policy implication of providing US inmate health care. Specifically address the financial strains, lack of resources and patients rights.

Kobayashi (2009) argued that the growth of the USA prisoners is high and has numerous implication. The main factors which have lead to the increased in the growth of the inmates are attributed to the stiffer and tighter sentencing laws in general.

There are several major health concerns that arise about the US inmate health care for the prisoners in general. These include an unhealthy and at the same time an aging prison population, a very high rate of possibilities of infection and communicable infection and also health illiteracy among the inmate population.

Some of the factors that influence the outcome of the inmate health include such things like the :

Patients or the inmates rights.

It is indicated that in many prisons and jails across the USA as a whole, many inmates or prisoners who are affected by HIV are always denied proper treatment as compared to others. This significantly influences their health status since it is their right as citizens to get proper medication just like other population at large.

Sapon & Nikiforova (2016) also added that risky behavior and poor or denied access to proper medication are some of the main factors that negatively affect the outcome of the inmate health condition. Drug abuse and unprotected sex are some of the main factors that affect the inmates negatively. This is because the law has not duly taken it course.

Lack of resources

Lack of resources that is health equipment and also drugs leads to inconsistent and proactive prevention and at the same time treatment measures to the inmate, staffs and even the visitors from contracting the communicable disease sometimes becomes a problem. And this leads to the epidemic or public health problem.

Financial strain

Sapon & Nikiforova (2016) emphasizes that lack of enough finance to manage the increasing number of inmates has become one of the main problems. It is about the lack of resources which will automatically lead to the lack of equipment and medicine. This will result in high increase of infection in the prisons mainly due to lack of enough finance to contain the situation.


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