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The progress in technology and innovations have increased the need for protection of property rights. It is on this premise that I make an application to the University of Leeds Master program in Intellectual Property, which will form a milestone in achieving the protection of inventors at a professional level. I have realized the need to acquire an extensive range of expertise and accreditations to respond proactively to the changing nature of intellectual property related offenses hence the decision to make this application. Though I have had a long term passion to ensure safe environments for all entities, one of the experiences that improved my desire to specialize in intellectual property is a case which involved a trademark dispute between two competing firms.

My knowledge and skills acquired through studying a Bachelors of Law at the University of Malta afford me a strong academic background to pursue the intellectual property Masters program. Furthermore, I have started legal traineeship in civil law in November 2015 and November 2016 respectively thus improving my ability to handle the course expectations for the masters program, which primarily focuses on addressing the plight of the public who are exposed to patent violations. Participation in moot court proceedings has developed my concept about handling complicated cases involving trademark law, copyright law, and patent law which collectively motivated me to undertake a Masters course in Intellectual property exclusively.

In my undergraduate studies, my scores were not excellent but I highly attribute this weakness to having set my target at mere average. Since then, I have noted this error and committed to not only setting higher targets but also developing a motivation necessary for achieving the specific academic goals as required for this masters program. In my new university and course, I will study earnestly to meet the standards of the universities in the United Kingdom. The average mark of the first semester of my current masters is 62.3% which is an indication of my positive progress towards achieving higher marks in my subsequent studies including this masters.

To this point, I consider the University of Leeds as the best place to pursue this masters' degree due to its diversity of students, conduciveness of learning environment and courses offered which will enable me to gain a holistic progress in the subject of specialization. The course will also act as an opportunity for me to improve my knowledge in intellectual property and establish a professional link between the subject and the concepts of law from my bachelor degree studies. The masters will also give me critical insights into the intellectual property in the international scale which is characterized by globalization and cybercrime as emerging trends closely related to the violation of patents. I am confident that my passion in this course and eagerness to learn will make me an active participant in the program.

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