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So as to dismantle privilege in preparation for becoming an activist of social equity and inclusion, I will use the Matrix Framework proposed by Ferber in her publication. The framework is essential in helping persons to understand oppression as well as a privilege in an intersectional perspective (Ferber & Kimmel, 2010). There are eight key steps in the Matrix Framework that I will employ in dismantling privilege. First, I will try to recognize the importance of recognizing both privilege and oppression in the society. Second, I will portray that privilege as well as oppression interact and intersect, in order to portray diversity in the public members subjected through social injustice. Third, I will understand that social constructionist aspects race, sexuality, nationality, class, and gender are social classifications, which are resultant factors of social inequality.

Fourth, I will understand inclusive aspects in myself and others in the society. This will enable me to promote the factors that make others unprivileged to attain social inclusion. Firth, I will try and understand that inequality is institutional. As such, I will not blame an individual, such a politician, for the societal perpetration of social inequality among a certain demographic grouping. Sixth, I will understand and recognize inequality as a harmful aspect to all people in the society. Seventh, I will encourage myself to perform a regular self-examination of my treatment or interaction to others. This is because it is easy for any person to be implicated in the dynamics of oppression and privilege. Lastly, just like Ferbers teachings, I will attain a proactive focus on social change (Ferber & Kimmel, 2010). This is because, as members of the society, we are all part of the problem. As such, we should also be all part of the solution.

Becoming an Activist for Social Equity and Inclusion

In order to become an activist for social equity as well as inclusion, I will use Ferber's guidelines of becoming an ally to those persons who are subjected to exclusion in the society. This is by taking the responsibility of educating myself about how privilege and oppression work and also teaching others about what I have learned (Ferber & Kimmel, 2010). Additionally, I will work continuously always to be aware of my privilege so as to be in a position to notice the ways in which it is denied, minimized, justified or ignored towards others in the society. Also, as per Ferbers teachings, I will be ready to speak out and take a stand against social injustice and inequality perpetrated towards others in the society (Ferber & Kimmel, 2010). This is even at the risk of spite, prejudice or resistance that I may face from the oppressors.

Moreover, I will lobby for change by taking action of eradicating social injustice within my own sphere of influence. Additionally, I will pay close attention to the mundane interactions of people and the communication made via media messages. This is because privilege - in most cases - is normalized in remarkably indirect ways, and it is pervasive that most persons in the society fail to recognize its occurrence (Ferber & Kimmel, 2010). This way, I will try to understand the best way to express my repugnance towards people who may use their privilege to oppress others in the society through facilitating social injustice. Ultimately, I will be ready to listen, respect as well as support the experiences, leadership, and perspectives of the oppressed persons in the society. This way, I will be in a better position to understand their suffering or social discontentment and also structure effective strategies for politicizing social equity as well as inclusion.



Ferber, A. L., & Kimmel, M. S. (2010). Dismantling Privilege and Becoming an Activist. Boulder: Westview Press.


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