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Millennial is a generation comprising of people who were born either on or after 1994 (Sinek, 2016). This category of people are considered to be stubborn, unfocussed, self-interested, entitled, lazy and difficult to manage. Despite leaders granting them all that they request, they still are not satisfied. Simon Sinek points out that there is something amiss and goes further to categorize them into four groups: technology, parenting, environment and patience.


Sinek avers that parents tend to use wrong strategies in raising their kids. They get recognition for just participation even if they were last. They tell their children they can have anything that they want in life and that they are special. In this generation, children get rewarded even if they are unworthy. When they grow up and get into the outside world, they soon realize that they are not special. They cannot get everything they desire and they have to earn most things in life. As a result, a generation of low self-esteem grows where they do not believe in themselves or even in their potential.


Sinek avers that the society has embraced appreciation of short term gains rather than long term benefits. Care more of the quantity rather than quality. Care more for the year rather than time. The environment does not encourage the children to develop social skills, solve problems or even build confidence. All this is due to bad leadership in the corporate world. The society needs to come up with mechanisms that will help children appreciate hard work, have patience and determination. The society should remove the temptation that tempts the youth to deviate from their purpose. This will result in them having confidence in themselves, learn patience, and find a better balance between life and technology because this is the responsibility of the community.


Sinek opines that advancement in technology has enabled people to acquire things instantaneously. Currently, one does not have to wait for their favorite movie series, or if you desire a book, you just have to go online. People hate the process of acquiring skills or social coping mechanisms. Individuals need to appreciate the time and process of accomplishing goals. There is no short cut for that, you have to go through the process. This generation need to learn that it takes time to build job love, confidence which needs skill and patience. Impatience has resulted in undesirable conditions like suicides, obesity, and drug abuse.


Sinek posits that by nature people tend to show others using platforms like Facebook and Instagram that life is perfect and good while in actual sense, the current state of things are worse. People get the impression like they are tough.

Engagement with social media releases a chemical dopamine that where we get a sense of excitement when using it. The chemical is highly addictive. While there is age restriction in alcohol, there is no age restriction in using social media. This exposes children at a young age on dopamine. Moreover, this kind of generation does not know how to build meaningful relationships. Most people actually admit that majority of their friends are superficial meaning they are disposable at the first chance that they get. When things get worse, they turn to social media for consolation to forget about their problems, and with time this behavior develops into habit. The imbalance of using social media is the problem, not the social media. This has brought about the problem of a generation that does not have the skills to deal with stress or solve problems.


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