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The question of immigrants in Texas has resulted in division among the natives with one side advocating for a more open border and a grant of citizenship to every illegal immigrant already residing in Texas. The other group advocates for a tighter border security and deportation of every undocumented immigrant. The latter, presents a more realistic and practical approach. The Texas Congress should secure the border from undocumented immigrants.

The side of the immigration debate, which presents the best argument are those who believe that the border needs to be much more secure and that the illegal immigrants need to go to the back of the line before they are granted citizenship. 17% of Texas population, who contribute to Texas diverse community comprise of immigrants mainly from Mexico. However, a large number of immigrant populations have put a strain on basic facilities like educational centers, health centers, housing facilities, security, and availability of employment opportunities.

Evidently, it is not xenophobia that drives the natives to feel that their way of life is undermined, but the fact that the cost of hosting immigrant population outweighs the benefits. The natives feelings towards the immigrants are more of love-hate. Whereas, employers and homemakers delight at the immigrants willingness to work for long, irregular hours at minimum wages (State by State p.1), the residents are less receptive of their presence in public spaces, neighborhoods and schools.

To regulate the increasing immigrant population, anti-immigrant laws should be introduced and the borders need to be much more secured. For example, the Senate Bill 4(SB4) authorizing the local police officers to inquire into the immigration status of any suspected offender (Aguilar p.1). The local government department heads and elected officials who for some reason would fail to comply with the federal government agents requests to turn over immigrant subject for deposition would risk a jail term or penalties not exceeding $25,000(The Editorial Board p.1). Even so, Judge Orlando temporary blocked the latter provision of the state-based immigration law and allowed for the former to take effect. Idealist agreements in favor of immigrant population had to be done away with, and instead adapt hard choices. Texas state needs to include a more elaborate plan on how to secure her borders and allow for a potential guest worker program to meet their labor needs for the specific industries (Payan p.20).

In summary, Texas accounts for most of the undocumented immigrants in America and that it encompasses half of the US-Mexico border. The need to properly secure the border and deport all illegal immigrants cannot be over emphasized. An exception could be made on close family like a spouse or a child less than 18 years of age and immigrant actively working with no criminal records.

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