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The field agency focuses on rehabilitating young individuals with drug problems. It puts into view treatment and counseling services in addition to working with other agencies such as education and vocational centers to assist in integrating the young people into the society after they have fully rehabilitated. Drug abuse is a problem that affects a majority of the young people in the community particularly the abuse of alcohol. It is also perceived that drug abuse correlates with emotional and behavioral problems exhibited by the young individuals. Therefore, the agency plays a significant role in assisting the population to make changes in their lives and align with the societal expectations.

The orienting theories that the field agency seems to utilize include the social change model, social exchange model, and the conflict theory (Garthwait, 1999). The social change model focuses on bringing about positive change. The positive change is achieved by taking part in activities which will assist the community or an institution to operate ere humanely and efficiently. The field agency, in this case, is the facilitator with the responsibility of assisting the young people to refrain from abusing drugs, and criminal activities such that they align with the societal norms. The positive change involves exhibiting good conduct and not abusing drugs. Therefore, the theory is helpful in responding to the needs of the community and the affected population as it focuses on bringing about positive change. The social exchange model puts into view the utilization of negotiation exchanges that facilitate the occurrence or rather the achievement of certain goals. It includes providing benefits in exchange for other benefits. The aim is to reduce harm whereby the field agency takes the role of a field organizer (Garthwait, 1999). The theory is helpful in responding to the needs of the community and the affected population as it focuses on reducing harm which is associated with drug abuse regarding the health of the affected population and criminal activities that are influenced by the behavior. The conflict theory puts into view community development whereby the advocate is the field agency. By managing the problem affecting the young people, the agency assists in controlling their behavior such that they align with the expectations of the society. Also, by working with education and vocational centers to assist in integrating the young people into the society after they have fully rehabilitated, the agency contributes to community development.

The agency operates with the view that by providing rehabilitation services to the young people and counseling services, it becomes effective in reducing emotional and behavioral problems that often result in criminal activities. Therefore, a part of meeting the medical needs of the affected population, it also assists in reducing crime. According to Doria et al. (2015), drug abuse is often associated with delinquent behavior which not only affects an individual but the whole society. The scholars state, Substance abuse and delinquency in youth are consistent predictors of serious violations as children grow older. There is an overlap between the risk factors for involvement in criminality and the risk factors for substance use problems, (Doria et al., 2015). The associated view is that drug abuse may result in behavioral problems or behavioral problems may influence drug abuse, and hence both elements are affiliated with each other. Therefore, the agency can be perceived to play a significant role in its environment.


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