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The Hellenistic period is viewed to be a period where women began to receive respect when compared to the Classical period (Snyder 9). Nonetheless, there was plenty of inferiority for the women as women in high positions were the ones who received respect (Yon 36). The difference between the statuses of women between the classical and the Hellenistic societies lies on the royal women present in the Hellenistic period (Eidinow 263). Women occupying royal positions were allowed to compete during power struggles in which the competency is viewed to emanate from the relationships of sons and mothers and the polygamist kings (GraecoMuse). It is also perceived to be challenging to describe the role of women in the middle class in that society (Armeni 580). However, the papyri recordings are viewed to make it easier to understand the women (GlazeBrook & Olson 70). The recordings are viewed to be the only sources that communicate to the Historians the type of life that women led during that time. Nonetheless, it is perceived that women occupied their husbands shadows (Dihle 39). Doran includes the sentiment by Pericles that includes an advice for the Athenian women. It is perceived that his statement depicts the attitudes that men had on women (1). Pericles states, On the other hand, if I must say anything on the subject of female excellence to those of you who will now be in widowhood, it I will be all comprised in this brief exhortation. Great will be your glory in not falling short of your natural character; and greatest will be hers who is least talked about among the men whether for good or for bad, (Doran 1). Doran explains that such depiction is rather sad for women during that era (Doran 1). In other words, inasmuch as women had gained the capacity to engage in power struggles, the capacity was only confined to women in power. The rest operated under the shadow of the men.

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