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Life in the city and the country are entirely different. The advantages and disadvantages associated with living in either of the two regions have caused individuals to possess different views relating to the most suitable place to live while comparing the two. These differences in preferences have been caused by factors such as people's different life aspiration and their experiences.

The city and country life possess both negative and positive elements in consideration of factors such as education and job opportunities, lifestyle and cost of living, and crime and death rate. In the city, one would find more educational opportunities since there are numerous learning institutions which offer a wide variety of study programs, thus providing individuals' unlimited educational options (Clapp, 2014). This is not the case for the country since in the country there are very few learning institutions which also offer limited number of study programs.

However, studying in the city can be at times very stressful since the learning institutions are usually very crowded as compared to those in the country. Thus a student studying in the country may get to understand what they are taught better since the low number of students would allow lectures to have a personalized interaction with their students. There are many job opportunities in the city since most corporations and businesses in any nation are usually located in the city. Despite this fact securing a position may be hard because a high population of skilled individuals lives in the city (Lichter and Brown, 2011). Thus it may be easy for a person to get a job in a firm located in the countryside.

The life in the city is busy and more active in comparison to that of the country. Cities have more social amenities like malls, restaurants, and movies. Public transport service in the city is also reliable since there are numerous train stations, taxies, and buses. However, life in the city is costly as compared to that in the country. The rent, for example, is quite high which forces people to work extra hard to sustain their lives. The countryside, on the other hand, offers calm and peaceful scenery since there are fewer buildings, people, and cars (Lichter and Brown, 2011). In the countryside, one can also get to engage in healthy and fun activities such as hiking, fishing, and horseback riding.

Crime and death rates can also be perceived differently by those who prefer living in the city or the country. This is because to them even though the rate crime may be high when one commits a crime they could be easily identified and brought to justice since cities have a large population (Clapp, 2014). The crime rate in the countryside is meager, and thus the possibility of one being attacked by robbers, rapists, and other delinquents is minimal. However, the death rate in the country side may be high since an individual may easily succumb to injuries sustained from an accident. This is because the hospitals in the rural areas are not well equipped, and may not be easily accessed because of the bad roads and distance.

In conclusion, it is hard to determine whether it is best for one to live either in the city or countryside since both places has their advantages and disadvantages. It is thus paramount for individuals to consider their preferences before determining where they want to settle.



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