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Domestic violence has been rampant in the modern world today. There are frequent causes that and effects that lead to domestic violence in marriages. It entails one person in a relationship controlling the other through using any unfair means (Healey, pg 23). Most victims of domestic violence tend to be women. It includes emotional, sexual abuse, psychological and physical abuse.

Unfaithfulness in the relationship causes domestic violence. Thus, unfaithfulness leads to the inability for one partner to trust the other. The effect of this is that it will lead to misunderstanding and many small issues in the relationship. In the recent past, I have witnessed my friends have minor issues in their relationship just because the guy found out that his lady had gone out with friends during the weekend. Going out without informing the other partner could cause the guy losing trust in the lady and hence the effects are issues in relationships.

The effect of unfaithfulness in the relationship affects children continues to affect even. Thus domestic violence through unfaithfulness affects children either directly or indirectly. The consequence of domestic violence is felt by children as they will feel disturbed if their parents are fighting or not together. In the recent case study, a child reported to his teacher that he did not do his homework because his parents had been fighting the whole night. Thus, the child feels the effect of domestic violence which was caused by one unfaithful partner. Children tend to feel disturbed when they see their parents involve themselves in a fight (Miller, 102. Thus the effect or stress on children could have been caused by domestic violence.

Through personal observation, I have witnessed on how abusive relationships turn out to be harmful. Therefore, lack of respect to one partner leads to the development of an abusive relationship. An abusive relationship may lead to being in an unhealthy relationship or a hurtful ending as one partner may be forced to commit suicide. Suicide causes which are as a result of an abusive relationship are commonly among university teens. The reason for one partner decided to take off her life may be because the partner always cheats on her or the partner does not respect her decisions. Suicide in a relationship is thus grouped to be as an effect or result of domestic violence which is caused by abusive relationships.

Stress is one of the effects of domestic violence. Through fighting and abusive relationship, stress is developed as a result. Similarly, if one person is stressed so much, the person will develop depression. Therefore, depression in a person is caused by stress which is caused by domestic violence. Thus, depression is formed as a result of pressure brought by domestic violence in a relationship. Statistics indicate that 1 out of 5 individuals who have heartbreaks in relationships develop depression.

As discussed above domestic violence is developed as a result of unfaithfulness in a relationship. Certainly, unfaithfulness has its cause in a relationship. In most cases, unfaithfulness may be as a result of the distance between two partners. Unfaithfulness caused by long-distance leads to domestic violence. As discussed above, unfaithfulness equally will lead to the abusive relationship in which its effect may be one partner committing suicide. The causes were leading to results as presented in the case of stress where stress caused by abusive relationship causes depression.

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