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Driving is a wonderful experience and a task that many people do on a daily basis, but several years of driving in the hectic and frustrating rush hour traffic may make drivers hate driving around. It gives freedom of going anywhere quickly and conveniently. Drivers want to reach their destinations using the least time possible, yet not all drivers get to their stops in the same way. Some drivers abuse the privileges of driving and become unsafe on the road leading to senseless accidents that hurt the driver as well as other road users. It is interesting and annoying sometimes to observe the different categories of the drivers that traverse the road daily and hence it is a challenging task to try to sort out the type of a driver a person might be. When driving, one can experience different kinds of drivers such as the clueless drivers, cautious, and competent drivers, and knowing their behavioral characteristics can be helpful in assessing the kind of drivers to stay away from on the road.

Firstly, there are the clueless drivers. These are the new drivers on the road, and they appear as if they do not know where they are heading. They flash their blinkers in inappropriate direction, gives wrong hand signals, and may continue driving their car regardless of the warnings that a car gives. They also step on their brakes often and when not necessary hence annoy other drivers because it causes them to drive badly which may lead to accidents. Clueless drivers contravene the rules of driving by using their cell phones while on the wheels. Their concentration in driving is carried away by the person who they are talking to and fail to notice the drivers around. Such behaviors are extremely unsafe, and drivers should stay away from them.

Secondly, there are overly cautious drivers on the road. They are characterized by their unpredictability and indecisiveness which frustrates other drivers because they are the ones who can easily cause traffic jams. These drivers do not speed up to merge others, stop at the on-ramps end, can sit on the four-way stop as they do not know what to do, and can slam on the brakes even with the slightest provocation. They exercise their caution by refusing to exceed the speed limit postings and cause others to be aggressive. Older adults fit under this category and tend to wait for the green light at wrong intersections, slows down suddenly or stops unexpectedly when merging into traffic instead of keeping a safe speed, and stops at a round-about as well as slowing down suddenly on highways to change or exit lanes.

While driving, you never miss noticing a competent or a calm driver whose eyes are always on the road and drives peacefully and carefully. These drivers always obey all the driving rules and usually get to their destinations without any trouble. A competent driver is relaxed, persistently drives within the posted speed limit, respect the traffic laws and the drivers on the road. Such drivers warn other operators of a cop with a speeding camera by flashing the car lights, watches the news to check the level of traffic before beginning his journey, and drives carefully when there is a torrential downpour or freezing snow. Competent drivers also have the right attitude towards safety, skillfully handles the controls of the vehicle, and matches the direction and the speed of the vehicle because of the changing conditions.

In conclusion, there are different categories of drivers on the road. It is important to classify them because there are rogue drivers that road users should stay away from. Clueless drivers are the new drivers on the road, and they do not seem to know where they are heading and drive dangerously. They indicate wrong signals which annoy other drivers. There are also the cautious drivers who are indecisive and unpredictable. They do not exceed the speed limits and slow or stop unexpectedly on the highways. Competent drivers are those that obey the traffic rules, reach their destinations without any trouble, and are always relaxed while on the road.

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