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In a society, all the people have different capabilities as well as the resources they own. However, the distribution of these resources within the society is what is referred as distributive justice. It enables the less fortunate in the society to feel they belong and it also gives them a say in the society. Through distributive justice, people live peacefully without looking down at others. Distributive justice is also viewed as a way in which things like rewards and costs are shared among people in a group depending on their capabilities. Nevertheless, distributive justice has different ways of approaching depending on the situation, and in some situations, it depends on the norms of a group a society. Some of the types of distributive justice illustrating how bills are supposed to be paid in a group are as follows.

Firstly, responsibility is where the group members with a lot of resources should share the resources with those that have less in the group. This enables the group to enjoy the same services harmoniously without some of the members feeling left out. It gives the less fortunate a sense of belonging in the society. Its one of the most unifying types of distributive justice but depends on the relationship between the members of the group or society. Power distributive justice is where the people with a higher rank in the society or a group, like those with higher status than others, authority or control over the group should receive more responsibilities compared to others without such ranks. This sometimes may lead to division among the members of a group, but it also makes the less fortunate to feel comfortable and the feel to be part of something in the society. However, the norms of a group or society should be highly upheld in such a situation to avoid some people feeling superior to others or looking down at others. Lastly, Need distributive justice is whereby those who have more needs should be given the resources they require to meet their needs by those who have more in a group. They should be given more resources compared to others regardless of their inputs in the group or society. This will help the people to meet their daily needs in a society r in a group. For example, they will be able to pay for their meals or take care of others pressing needs they may have. This type of distributive justice enables those that dont have in the society to feel appreciated rather than neglected it also strengthens the relationship between friends in a group and people in society.

In a situation of paying the bill in a hotel among a group with less fortunate and those that have enough, responsibility approach is the most suitable. All the group members should agree to have a common meal to make the situation comfortable for everyone. The bill should be split among the members with well-paying jobs, or one of the members should volunteer to take care of the bill. This will make the less fortunate members feel appreciated, and the situation would be comfortable for all the members.

Distributive justice creates a sense of belonging to the members of the society especially who have less. However, it does not always apply in all the situations, and the norms of society have to be incorporated in all the situations.

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