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Why should anyone pretend to be comfortable with poverty? I mean, my whole has been about adding more cream to live and so has everyone else's around me. Most people would criticize my outright mind while most would be quick to claim that I am proud, but I think not. I think it's my personality type that makes the whole lot different. I was born and brought in a vibrant and wealthy family, enjoying the privileges that come with living in the first class economy is what characterizes a typical life experience to me. I, therefore, find poverty as a social ill that should be kept at the furthest distance away from the man as possible (Anderson et al. 1). Having been brought up as an individual who places much value on life goals and importance of achievement, I have cultivated a resentful attitude against anything substandard. This resentment includes having relationships with people who are not financially at par with my prospects. In short, I believe that those around us have a way of shaping our destiny and that not settling for less gets you the best always.

My past life experiences seem to have had a significant influence on my current personality; notably, this includes social-economic interactions that subtly pity me against the poor in society, as well as products and services that seem in any way affordable to the middle class. I have remained unaware about this trait for a significant part of my life and only realized it after high school. During the days of my first year as a freshman, I made new friends and enemies as usual. My most significant and perhaps life-changing encounter was when I met Marshal, my closest friend in college today. Marshal has always been the best student in my class; as a result, I made an effort to join his art group so he and I could complete the last semester's project together. In the process, we all became good friends, and that's when I came to learn about him. I believe that social interactions have shaped my personality today.

Marshal comes from a humble background, he barely has as much disposable cash as I do, but this doesn't stop him from beating me in class. What makes his demeanor even more perplexing is that he never seems to depict the many challenges he overcomes every day. For instance, he pays his school fees, purchases his widowed mother's daily medication, gets time for side hustles, and manages to leave time for studies. This observation is what got me challenged by Marshal's personality type. The fact that he always looks collected and not-poor' without trying to show it made me question my personality type and what shaped it. Unlike Marshall, I don't eat in a substandard cafeteria, I don't wear quartz watches, and neither do I walk to school. However, I have a problem making new friends especially with those I don't share the same class. For this reason, I strongly feel that social-economic interactions have been responsible in shaping my personality.

Judging from what most of my few' friends find it hard to say, pride and arrogance characterize my day-to-day encounters. However, most of my kith and kin do not seem the element in my behavior or personality. I think when people talk of pride what they mean to say is that I am choosy. Choosy is in this case intended to imply selective and classy in casual terms. The only instances when I witness this trait in actual reality is when my friends and I have group plans like trips, projects, and parties. Most disagreements that ensue in the process are because of priority differences. For instance, I go by the logic: cheap is inferior and expensive means high quality. In the end, I always end up making additional budgetary proposals that don't augur well with the rest of the team, and that is when I realize I am different.

From my own perspective, I identify with quality and the best money can buy. I firmly believe that my personality does not deviate from set norms or moral standards in the contemporary society. I would like readers of this essay to understand that I respect individuals for who they are, this includes the poor and disadvantaged in the community. However, I remain resentful to those who choose to do nothing about their poor economic situations and life challenges if modifiable (Zhao et al. 278). Mostly, what I am saying is a reaffirmation to the adage, birds of feather flock together,' I choose to avoid my old friends who ended up becoming poor. Also, I go for the best money can buy because I can afford it which is fortunately reflected in my personality. The purpose of creating this essay is to illustrate how social interactions in my life have shaped my character today. I also wish to emphasize that my personality trait is common among men who work hard to live a better life, it is just that I choose to express it in what and how I do.

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