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This news article must be a story dealing with the Administration of Justice, specifically the title of this class. Do not erase the information on this form. Do not use stories about civil cases or opinions. Stories occurring in the United States of America only. AJ102 Students can only use California stories. Write the answers to the questions under the boxes. No handwriting, computer only.

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Jon David,40, was accused of attacking mostly homelessness men in Santiago which led to three deaths. Guerrero is charged with driving railroads spikes into heads of his victims and setting two of them on fire. However, the victim could not stand for trial at first after the judge found out that Guerrero was not mentally competent and ruled that the defendant could be medicated in an attempt to restore his competency. According to the prosecutor, Guerrero had previously been convicted of robbery, and in the past, the victim had in the past been sent to a psychiatric hospital. The court was able to provide five mental cases health matters that had were filled in 2008 under his name. The victim was later declared to be mentally fit for trial in a crime spree after undergoing treatment. After receiving detail report from the doctor, judge David Danielsen said the victim fit for trial meaning he was able to understand the charges against him and could assist in his defense. If Guerrero is likely to face a maximum penalty of life prison or death penalty if convicted of the charges against him,

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This article is related to chapter 4 pg. 52, pg.54 pg.55

In one paragraph describe what in the article is related to the text book. No opinions.

The book talks about a mentally incapacitated person, and this is someone who is defined as someone that is virtually without mentality and one without understanding. Mental incapacitated is the type of defense that represents the defendants mental status form birth. In this case, the defendant had a history of mental illness and lived in supportive housing for homeless people with disabilities before he was arrested. After Guerrero was found that he was not mentally competent, the case against him could not proceed until he underwent medication. Legally speaking, the defendant was not able to understand the proceedings of the court and assist his lawyers in defense. The book has talked about insanity as a defense. The reason for the legal test for insanity is to identify that individual who, owing to mental illness should not be held criminally responsible to have committed an absolute crime. Under the current insanity test, the defendant needs to prove by a greater weight of evidence that the accused person was incapable.


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