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Two problems are arising from the readings the first one is invasion civil liberty and civil rights due to terrorism and the second one is gender gap pay. Civil liberty is the freedom that is allowed democratically by the constitution. It can be the freedom of expression or freedom of movement and so on. Civil rights are rights of citizens that allows them to have political and social freedom with equality. The critique papers talk of how terrorism has affected civil liberty and civil rights. When terrorists attack a nation, they weaken the civil rights and civil liberty of the citizens (Hunter 166). First, before terrorists attack they plan their moves. Usually, they prey on the system and take advantage of the blind spots. Blind spots could be too much information in the hands of the citizens that could assist terrorist in articulating their plans. It could also be a failure of the security checkpoints to thorough search for whats getting in and out of the country. Therefore, when terrorists strike, the government makes haste decisions to seal the loopholes. This is done at the expense of the rights of its citizens.

In most countries, there is liberty of movement. One can move from one state to another with any questions asked. However, when terrorist attack, there is limited movements. The government beefs up security and sets up roadblocks which make it hard for people to pass through. After terrorists attack, anyone at the scene of the incident is interrogated. The possibility of one being at the wrong place at the wrong time is overridden. At this point, search warrants are not needed. The government then invades peoples privacy by spying on them through CCTV cameras and the communication systems. Such conducts violate basic human rights and civil liberties.

To secure the country from future terrorist attacks, the government should beef up security but not at the expense of its citizens rights (Hardin 2). The security should be tight even before any terrorist disaster occurs so to take control of the situation before it is too late. Civil rights and civil liberty are stipulated in the constitution to protect the citizens, and they should be respected. The law should work for the country and not for the terrorists. If any changes need to be made to make the country safer, they should be procedural, and the citizens should have a say in it. If the people feel that the government is not spying on them, perhaps they can feel comfortable enough to share whatever information they have the authority. The authority should stop viewing the public as foes but rather friends in need of protection. In the end, the citizens will also play a fundamental role in securing the country from terrorists.

The second major issue is the gender gap pay. In the United States of America, women are paid 77 cents for every dollar a man gets. The discrimination is in almost every field of work. Male surgeons earn more than their female counterparts. Even the highest paid Hollywood actor Robert Dowry is paid three times the amount that the highest Hollywood actress, Jenifer Lawrence is paid. Jennifer is also paid lesser than her co-star Amy Adams in hunger games, yet they both have similar roles (Burge 1). CNN top female reporter earns three times less than its top male reporter. It has been the norm in the employment sector with people, and it dates back to the 17th century where women were not allowed to work or get an education. Through the 19th century, women began to fight for equal rights as men. They got education and others got careers. Women have proven that they are indeed equal to their male counterparts. Women who became the first in their professions were still discriminated and used to earn 53 cents for every dollar that a man makes. However, that has changed today since women now earn 80 percent of every dollar that a man makes (AAUW 6). Though a milestone, the 20% difference is still there.

One wonders why women are paid lesser, yet they work in the same professions as men. They undergo same challenges and risks as men. For example, women who are construction engineers, pilots or architects are exposed to the same dangers as their male colleagues. Some argue that since they are caregivers, they have responsibilities that tie them down than men. It could be true, but if personal life does not in any way affect work life, then the excuse is invalid. Since gender discrimination has been abolished the gender gap should be closed besides there are male professionals who also caregivers and that does not seem to affect what they earn.

As a remedy for this problem, employers in America should quit the hypocrisy of saying they are equal employers when they pay women in a certain career lesser than they pay a man in the same career. The constitution mandates that women deserve maternal leaves fully paid. It also extends the same for fathers, and so women should not be prosecuted for being caregivers. Another thing perhaps that would change the status quo is probably change the workplace culture to accommodate more women. For example, if a job is too hostile for women, the employer should change that (Lam 1). He/she should enforce policies that make all employees from making sexist remarks and undermining the capability of women. Finally, the government should make all the salaries of men and females equal, especially if they do the same job excellently and are both academically qualified for it.

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