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Community development projects are important because they are avenues where living conditions and economic prominence of the disadvantage can be raised for a sustainable community. To this effect, I chose community education because this project will provide benefits to the community, which targets to boost communities capacity to effectively respond to domestic violence by increasing understanding and awareness through this community development project in addition, it will provide opportunities for workshops, seminars and information exchange from professionals to other community members. Community development projects aim to cooperate people to work together to transform communities by focusing on issues that affect them.

Social justice that led to my community project

Domestic violence: Almost four million American women are mistreated by their husband in one year alone (Schaffer, 1999). Women are regularly victims of domestic violence and suffer physical injuries such as mugging a burglary. The frequency of domestic violence has been witnessed by one out of three Americans. Percentage of murdered women by their male partners is forty-two percent, and the list goes on.

Domestic violence has denied women their basic human rights to participate in social, economic and political activities. Domestic violation has hindered women from achieving their full penitential in the community. To this effect, we need to establish effective mechanism to eradicate this issue as community.

Method used to gather information

Literature review: Information that I will gather in concern with the issue needs to be from valid sources, I will employ literature review and focus groups. A literature review is information obtained in the research that is associated with the selected area of interest of study, in this case, domestic violence. The literature review provides a theoretic backing for your research to resolve the nature of your research. It is important to consider information that relates to your study to look into it critical and discard those that are irrelevant. The purpose is to inform the reader that ideas and knowledge have been entrenched on a topic and what are their weakness and strength. Primary purpose of literature review should give a background for research, rationalize the research, to confirm the research has never been done, or if the research has been done to highlight weakness of the previous research, enable a researcher to learn from the existing theory on the subject and outline the niche of the previous research.

Focus group is a collection of people between 4to 8 or 15 of carefully preferred selected individuals who engage in a planned discussion thats needed to obtain suggestions on a particular topic on an area of interest. It is distinct from interviews which usually includes an individual who is affected by the research. Perspectives and ideas of during discussions and considerations that influence each other in which enables members of the focus group to interact. Focus group is an alternative method of getting information for research from a use of survey; the study provides scientific data that needs critical analysis while focus groups provide that problem solving where ideas created from informed people contribute the point of view on topics and challenges.

ABCD approach

Asset based community development (ABCD) outcomes are based on mobilizing individuals and community called asset comparatively than focusing on the issue and needs. ABCD identifies the communitys health upgrading assets and makes them visible. This promotes networking among community members, relationship, friendship empowerment and caring in the community (Schumann & Valente, 2002). Assets factors that make a community be sustainable and protect against life stress.

ABCD provides a better approach that would contribute to projects mobilizing individuals to focus on the issue. The communitys project partners are case managing, case coordination, referral and advocacy, family and domestic violence services security upgrades homelessness prevention professional transport and support.

Case management will provide equal relations in a home, self-sufficiency advocacy, and personal support to abused women and disdain children. Each victim receives referral or support services as well as community resources such as monetary assistance and educational benefits.

The asset will contribute to addressing the issue by, giving services to families facing domestic violence, prior intervention or early preventions programs for younger people, assimilation through the informal and friendly partnership with independent services and agencies and book appointments with mens behavior programs that are under attorney general minimum standards.

To provide advice and information to groups and individuals so that they are informed on the issues of domestic violence, it will provide opportunities for workshops, seminars and information exchange from professionals to other community members. Thus they will be made aware on a relevant issue on domestic violence.

Three strategies that I will create so that communities priorities are addressed will be through group development support, information sharing, risk identification and referral support. Exchange of information ensures the staff, as well as the community, will access the latest information about families facing domestic violence through department service providers, risk identification by helping families or women who report the issue of are concerned about their safety (Hart, 1995). Referral and support offer support to families affected by domestic violence.

Care responsibilities for domestic violence victims are important if need to consider the welfare of families. Reporting this incidence to the police station is a way to make the male partner of the woman to face the law, the law recognize woman battering as a vice, and the culprit should face the judgment of the court. Sending the woman who has suffered from the battering to seek medical services in the hospital also to seek psychiatric help.

Coming up with group development program, called Institute on domestic violence that aims to address sexual and domestic violence from a legal perspective its purpose to promote research and policy formation on victims of domestic violence. It will raise awareness as well as improving intervention and prevention strategies which will strengthen communitys assets.



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