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Over the decades women have been facing difficulties in their workplaces and unfortunately if not addressed then situations could only get worse. Based on the challenges that women employees encounter, it is evident that they are not able to realize their full potentials in their careers and this end up affecting the countrys GDP in the long run. This memorandum therefore purposes to recommend a number of issues that could be employed to tame the vices that the working in this state face on their daily routines within their work places.

Statistics from studies carried across the international space indicate that women, even when they perform the same duties as their male counterparts end up receiving a significantly law pay. Schneider in her article notes that American female employees earn 81% of what the male employees earn for a similar duty (Schneider, 2015). In addition, Dishman reveals in her studies that a survey conducted by international pollster IPSOS MORI from 19 G20 countries revealed that four in every 10 women in the participating countries listed their pay as the most important workplace issue. In the United States for instance, it presented the biggest concern, with 58% of the interviewed women placing it on top of their work issues list.

Sexual harassment of women at the place of work is has also been found to be rampant and greatly affect the performance of women. According to Keyal, sexual harassment of women at the work include any unwelcomed sexual and other verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature that tends to create a hostile or offensive work environment for the women. (Keyal, 2016). Bosses and employers have noted to be luring women to sexual activities so as to offer those favors such as pay rise or even promotions. Dishman further reports that the studies carried out by IPSOS MORI on the 19 G20 countries, the united states ranked second highest with 37%of the women involved in the studies reported being sexually harassed.

Employers also seem to favors men to women when offering employment. In cases where a male and a female candidates with the same job qualifications present themselves for a job opportunity, priority has in a lot of times been given to the male candidates. In some instances, male candidates end up being hired and female candidates with even better qualifications rejected. The situation is worrying even in developed countries like the United States as statistics indicate that 47% of the working class women in the United States believe that the professional field is biased and that their male counterparts are in better positions to access professional development and even grow their careers as compared to the women.

The issue of maternity leaves is also of great concern in the workplace. In some scenarios women have completely been denied maternity leaves and at times are even forced to resign. In other cases, women go for their maternity leaves and only to return to work to find that they have been replaced and there services no longer needed. Siddique quoted the government commission report that stated that three quarters of pregnant women and new mothers experience discrimination at work places and out this, one in every nine women lose their jobs as a result. (Siddique 2016).

When critically analyzed, it is obvious that these challenges result to consequences that not only affect women, but also the economy at large. Some of these consequences include increased levels of absenteeism and even resignations from their jobs. The efficiency levels of female employs also reduce and finally the organizations also lose a lot of money in the process of employing new employees and offering them training when old employees resign.


The government should consider placing the rights of women at the center of the countrys development

Lambert (2016) explains that women rights must be at the center of economic development especially in the developing countries, as it is in this countries that women rights are mostly ignored.

Employment on merit

Policies should be put in place to provide guidelines so that employers only employ on the basis of merit and not favourism. Provision of these guidelines will ensure that women get fair employment opportunities and are not looked down upon during the recruitment procedure. Possible aspects that could be used to determine the recruitment process could includes

Skills, abilities, level of experience and an individuals capabilities.

Assurance of job security

It is important for the government to come up with labor legislations that assure job security for women. Women should have a guarantee that even after maternity leaves they will get their jobs back without the risk of getting fired. The legislations could in this case seek to prevent arbitrary termination. Labor unions should also come up with measures to use to fight for the rights of the women in the workplace and prevent illegal dismissal from work.



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