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Currently, the USA border remains secure with minimal cases of illegal immigration. This action has helped to deal with a terrorist who may enter the country as illegal immigrants. The government has also picked up from this point to maintain border security through the ICE and other border agents.

The origin of terrorism can be traced back to as early as 1794-1795 during the French Revolution reign of terror that was marked with gruesome public beheadings, violent street battles, and bloodthirsty rhetoric. In modern history, that was the first time mass violence was used in such a style, and it marked a new dawn of terrorism. Since its inception, terrorism has had resounding effects on the people affected, economy and political stability. Discussion of the effects would be effective when the causes of terrorism are critically analyzed. There are different causes of terrorism, but the three most leading causes of terrorism are; politics, religion and socioeconomic. About politics, some people choose terrorism as a way of expressing their feelings about what they perceive to be wrong with the government, organization or other countries. For instance, during the trouble in Northern Ireland, which started in 1968 and ended in 1998, there was a massive war between the Catholic and the Protestants. This led to terrorist attacks as each group tried to outdo the other over political dominance. Numerous attacks in the name or religion also made headlines 1990s. Aum Shinrikyo, the Japanese doomsday cult attacked the Tokyo subways in 1994 and 1995 with two deadly sarin gas. Numerous suicide attacks in the 1980s were also celebrated as the work of Islamic martyrs in the Middle East. Terrorism is also highly attributed to socioeconomics. Different forms of deprivation (poverty, lack of political freedom and lack of education) can cause one to perform terrorist activities. The group "Shining Path" was created out of the frustrations of the people of Peru against the government. The team carried a long campaign of violence in an attempt to form a Marxist state.

Terrorism has numerous effects that can be classified as economic, societal and political effects. Every terrorist activity has far-reaching consequences on the country or society. During such attacks, a massive amount of property is destroyed, and business and work come to a standstill. The government uses a lot of money in security in combatting terrorism and even after the attacks, the amount of money that the government uses in repairing destroyed infrastructure. For instance, the loss of lives and property in the 9/11 attack cost the insurance companies close to $40 million. Terrorism also has adverse impacts on the society. It poses a serious law and order problem and leads to the collapse of the society. The dangerous activities such murder, rape, torture, extortion, mutilation, and arson create an atmosphere of fear and suspicion in the areas affected. It also makes the world politics dangerous and challenging since it can cause severe problems despite the fact terrorist activities are not directly linked to states. This complicates the politics of the world and might at times bring two or more countries to war.

Terrorism has been condemned by different religious organizations in the world. Since time immemorial, Christians have remained steadfast in their protection of human lives. Christians value their lives, and they believe that it is only God who has the powers to give and take away lives. According to the Bible, no one is allowed to kill hence terrorism carried out in the name of God or a deity is entirely wrong. In Exodus 20:13, God commands people not to murder therefore Christians or any other persons should not terrorize others. Any person that carries terrorist activities is defiant of the commands of God whether they carry out such duties in the name of God or not. According to the Bible, people should come back to a relationship with God, obey his commands and strive to do good to others. Hence, Christians do not approve of any terror activities.

The US government has improved on its means of tackling terrorism. However, its war on terror from the outset is mainly focused on fighting terrorism solely through the use of hard power. The steps that have been taken by the government such as electronic surveillance of the American citizens, legalization of a wide range of tools for combating terrorism, the creation of Homeland Security, and information sharing between the law enforcement and intelligence communities have not effected curbed terrorism. There are still incidences of terror activities in the country such as the recent shooting incidence in a club that left 50 people dead. The government should not just concentrate on using hard power in controlling terrorism. They should exhaust other means that would be vital in managing the vice.

Terrorism is a complex problem that cannot solely be resolved through military activities. For instance, the military actions of the government in Iraq and Afghanistan have substantially been successful. However, the fight has led to political instability in those countries and the rise of religious extremism that breeds terrorism. The government should fully implement the Patriotic Act, and Homeland Security should also efficiently operate in controlling terrorism. The executive should work unanimously with the Congress in enacting and enforcing laws that would help in reducing terrorism.

In summary, terrorism is an old vice that has been widely condemned by Christina. It is caused by social, economic and political factors. It has a gross impact on the economy and society. Terrorism also grossly destabilizes the political status of the countries affected. In an attempt to control the vice, the US government enacted laws that have played an integral role in minimizing terrorism. However, the government should not only concentrate on the use of hard power in controlling terrorism. It should fully implement the Patriotic Act to foster for effective control of the vice.



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