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Reaction 1

For many years, the issue of global warming and its effects on climate change has been a major world event. Most organizations, businesses, and governments have been on this matter. Currently, the mainstream is concerned about the impacts of global warming, and it seems to have brought a significant shift accordingly (Houghton, 2004). However, many organizations and companies that are influential still attempt to assume the concerns of climate change and global warming. In my opinion, global warming as a great challenge to humanity and is harmful to the natural environment. This problem is connected to globalization and major businesses. Therefore, human beings should start to care about their natural surroundings and reduce effects on the environment before it is too late.

Reaction 2

Over the last forty years, many African nations have experienced at least one period of civil war. Current studies show that an estimated twenty percent of African population live in countries that are at war or has undergone a series of many civil wars. This issue has created a particular stereotype of Africa as being doomed and profound of many tribal conflicts (Civil Wars in Africa, 1999). According to me, Africa's civil wars are commonly attributed to the diversity of ethnic groups in its countries. This is so in such a way that the wars seem to be ethnically defined. Therefore, the risks of such civil wars in Africa can be reduced by equal economic development in affected countries.

Reaction 3

How possible is it to reduce the infection rate of AIDS to zero? Since the disease was first diagnosed in 1985, most countries have struggled to overcome it. At least, 10 percent of every population in a country has HIV. According to UNAIDS, there has been a reduction in the rate of infection in most countries worldwide. In my opinion, there are compelling evidence that the rate of AIDS transmission can be reduced to zero through male circumcision (Green, 2003). The World Health Organization suggests that male circumcision should be encouraged in countries with high HIV cases to minimize the infection. However, circumcision only provides partial protection and does not completely prevent the infection of AIDS.

Reaction 4

The social media has helped the world to change in many positive ways. Different opinions regarding the benefits of the social media in the worlds affairs are trending. Social networking is growing at the expense of more personal relationships (Noor & Hendricks, 2012). The growing love for social media is changing the way people from around the world communicate. It changes the way countries do businesses, the way countries are governed, and the way people live in their societies. As someone who spends most of his time connected to the internet in one way or another, there is a generation that is coming that will not be able to do anything without social networks. Looking at the way the social media impacts my life, one can uncover that apart from its positive impacts, you will agree that most of it is unpleasing and destroys a greater part of humanity.

Reaction 5

Life in Syria has significantly changed during this period of continued civil wars. The Syrian revolution has failed. All that is left to people living in Syria is stories to tell their children (Devarajan et al., 2016). How the people of Syria who confronted the dictatorship with lots of sacrifices to make. The world has since turned its back on Syria, and they have since been left to face their challenges on their own. My reaction to this is that the surrendering group, both civilians and the unarmed should reintegrate with the government despite the governments records of torture and imprisonment just to maintain peace in the country.

Reaction 6

N.A.T.O is an efficient organization. It has been highly successful in many nation members since they enjoy the protection that they are provided with by their Western superpowers. My reaction to this is that NATO can be very active in the society today by combating the threats that the world is currently facing. Instead of focusing on the conflicts, the countries can concentrate on things like cybercrime, and terrorism.

Reaction 7

How can the continuous ethnic killings be stopped in South Sudan? The ethnic violence in South Sudan has been a history among the South Sudanese ethnic groups. Conflicts often started among nomadic communities over issues of cattle rustling and grazing lands and forms part of the principal causes of conflicts in Sudan. In my opinion, peoples motives do vary. Some people acts out of the concern of humanity. Others are to seek high government profiles and influence. Countries should learn that small wars can lead to unpreventable cases.

Reaction 8

China tries to be all about overtaking the U.S economically. Since 1990, the total percentage of Chinas global output has increased in every year. In 2015, the contribution of China towards the worlds global economy was predicted to be 4.1% of the total world economic percentage. My reaction to this is that China would be in the process of overtaking the U.S economically in about ten years if it can do away with its tricky transition from a centralized growth model to an economy that is market driven.



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