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The response to aging interviewed to an Armenian born great grandmother, born on 11/05/1930, Siranush Petrosyan.

1.What do you recall about your physical activity throughout school? (This could be formal activities like physical education and sports, and it could also include informal activities like playing outside and hobbies).

The peak of his performance was when she was in school. At school she was physically fit and had some muscular strength, she explains that she was bright at school she furthermore explains that his speed of processing was fast making her bright. She was flexible in the fields and was playing most games in schools.

2.Do you think your level of activity up until age 18 was adequate? Why or why not?

The activity level that the elderly did when they were below the age of eighteen was very necessary. Since this activity helped improve the physical condition of the body which avoided most things such as obesity and it helped enhanced the health of the elderly till this present.

3.Did this prepare you for maintaining your health into adulthood? What could have been different?

The physical activities that were done during school days were necessary since it improved and prepared her for aging since regression is inevitable and discretion depended on the muscular strength and good physical condition at a young age determines one's aging.

4.How has this level of activity changed over the years? (maybe they could break it down into areas of time after high school, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. or with changes in their lives just after high school as a young adult, after marriage, after children, after retirement, etc.)

At the age of thirties, the muscular strength that he had at twenties started declining this included the mass of the muscles. After marriage the reaction time reduced and the movement speed declined. After retirement, the joint mobility was lost whereby the arms movement slowed down. The movement pattern was also affected, and after aging, he walked shorter strides and distance since the movement slowed down because of less flexion and extension.

5.What are your biggest challenges as an older adult in maintaining fitness levels and overall health?

When maintaining physical health when old it hard to do something for a long time and when maintaining fitness the old quickly gets tired.

6.How would you rate your current level of fitness in the following areas: Cardiorespiratory? Strength? Flexibility? Body Composition? (you may need to give a description of what these mean)

When aged the flexibility of the body and its structure starts to change this is because of regression which is inevitable. The physical strength begins to be weaker. Moreover, breathing starts to be a problem.

7.If you could make one change about choices you made in these areas, what would it be?

The best choice results to good physical condition require one to be fit and live a good lifestyle a research suggests that 50% while aging is affected by way of life. Moreover, she would have changed his lifestyle.

8.What advice would you give others to better prepare them for good health in their older years?

Her advice in preparation to aging was living a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness.

9.What advice would you give me as I head into my chosen profession (tell them what that is J) to assist others in developing lifelong strategies for overall health and physical activity?

As for me, it was important always to remember that for health benefits engagement of regular and sufficient physical activity is necessary which a lifelong strategy is.


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