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Racism can be defined in various ways. In my own understanding of the racism is the discrimination among the people other than the people who seem to be different than their own language, color, culture, and biological differences. According to the context, the term racism is different. It can be viewed in every action and thing which discriminates the minority category, and it is also viewed in terms of power. Dominant category shows their power on minority, and poor people such as discrimination is also categorized as racism in this text. So overall the discrimination between various categories of people is defined as racism.

The response on the best approach of defining racism is wrong because it does not identify the true definition of racism. Racism is not only the discrimination of the minorities in a community by the majority. Racism instead can be defined as any action or belief that one race is more superior than the other which leads to more preference of the race that is more superior for most activities and allocation of resources in the community.

2. When Dr. King states that he dreamed of a society in which people would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, how did he define racism?

According to Dr. King, the term racism defined differently. He hadn't meant about the color of their skin. He dreamed of a society in which people are judged by their character. The ability of a person with regards to his performance not regards to his race. He wants the black children and white children to join their hands together with race consciousness and identification which kept the discrimination apart in view of the desire of an integrated future.

The response does not identify what Dr. King meant or defined racism with his dream of a future where people are judged in accordance with their character and not skin color. Instead, Dr. King meant that the society generalizes people using the color which leads to racial labeling denying people equal rights and position even with excellent character and academic achievements. Therefore, Dr. King defines racism as any labeling on the inability of an individual to perform a particular role based on their race and not intellectual and moral credibility. 3. Are members of minority groups just as likely to be racist as those of the dominant group? In your response, make sure you clarify the difference between racism and racial prejudice.

Racism refers to discrimination of set or group of people according to their color. It is a belief that their own race is superior to others, and on the other hand, racial prejudice is a felling towards others about their attitude and behavior is different than ourselves. Racial prejudices can be in any form not only related to the color of the skin, but it refers to many comparative aspects.

The response does not identify whether the minority groups can be justified but only identify the difference between racism and racial prejudice. Racism can be exercised by both the minorities and the majorities in the community. Any belief, activity or behavior that portrays one community or individual as more superior and capable than the other or favoring an individual from one race than the other is racism which means that both the minority and the majority can be racists. On the other hand, racial prejudice and racism are used interchangeably but they mean different things. Racial prejudice refers to stereotyping against a particular community. Racial prejudice is a prejudged notion against a particular race without any knowledge and examination of facts while racism is any discrimination based on race.


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