Preparing an Event on Unwanted Pregnancies: Evaluating Adult Learners

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In my project, I will aim at creating awareness regarding the prevalence of unwanted pregnancies. The goal of the project is to instill a sense of responsibility among individuals as regards to unwanted pregnancies. My event will focus on instructing participants how to avoid the situation, and how to approach it in case it happens. Unwanted pregnancies are still common today. Many people engage in unprotected sex without thinking about the consequences of their actions.

In the contemporary world, most people are focused on creating careers for themselves. In the olden days, men were charged with the responsibility of finding jobs to help care for their families. On the other hand, women were accused of the responsibility of bearing children and taking care of the household. With time, gender roles have changed. However, this has resulted in a lot of reckless sexual behavior because people are no longer worried about the consequences of engaging in intercourse unless they are married.

This event is valuable to the learners and the instructors because it will help both parties understand and create better ways of approaching the issue of unwanted pregnancies. For instance, learners will become aware of the various effects unwanted pregnancies may have on their lives. On the other hand, instructors can obtain views from the learners, which they can take into consideration the next time they engage the learners.

Standard evaluations will be conducted in multiple parts of the event. These assessments will show if learners have understood what we have taught in each part. Once we are satisfied that all the learners have understood what we have taught, we will proceed with the event until we are done. If our evaluations show a positive trend in understanding, then we will have reached our goal by the end of the event (Caffarella & Daffron, 2013).

As stated above, this event is aimed at creating awareness on unwanted pregnancies among adult learners. Hence, they stand to benefit greatly from the event. I came up with the idea for this event because I believe our mindsets have changed when it comes to taking responsibility for unwanted pregnancies. Today, many people are getting married only to end up divorced a few years later. This behavior shows that many individuals are not willing to take responsibility for their actions in the end. The same applies to unwanted pregnancies.

When two people engage in a casual relationship, they are less willing to take responsibility for each other because they only stand to benefit from what they consent to. However, even in such relationships, both individuals are likely to make mistakes that will affect their affairs. For example, unwanted pregnancy is a mistake that many consenting adults make when they engage in casual relationships. The only problem is that very few people are willing to approach the situation responsibly.

This event will prove valuable to adult learners because it will help them understand the manner in which they are supposed to approach this problem. Furthermore, by engaging in this event, the learners will be able to change their mindsets regarding unwanted pregnancies. During the event, learners will be free to contribute if they feel the event has been beneficial to them. These contributions will be used to measure the benefit to the learners. If the contributions are considerably high, then the event will have been beneficial to the learners (Caffarella & Daffron, 2013).

The event will be voluntary. All the learners who participate are expected to come on their own accord. To encourage people to participate, we will embark on a promotional venture. It is evident that unwanted pregnancies occur among individuals in different age groups. The first group is that of young adults. These people are mainly students. The majority of the schools in the country have counselors who help students who have unwanted pregnancies. However, the subject is also important to the rest of the students. Hence, we will visit some schools to present our objective and encourage them to participate in the event.

The majority of young adults are college and university students. However, some individuals in this groups are employed. These individuals are involved in a few if not several relationships. These relationships are likely to lead to unwanted pregnancies if couples are not careful. Our event also seeks to attract the individuals in this group. For instance, we will be collaborating with college authorities to help advertise the event. Also, we will post fliers and offer brochures in designated areas such as subways (Midgley, 2014).

The other group is that of middle-aged adults. The individuals within this group are working people who may or may not be married. Our event also seeks to attract individuals within this group. Hence, we will also be issuing brochures to single middle-aged individuals. We will visit random offices and invite everyone who is willing to participate in the event. We will also advertise our event on local radio stations to help attract married couples.

For the event to be successful, it also has to be conducted effectively. The first method I will use to evaluate the effectiveness of the event is by gauging the efficiency of our promotional strategy. To achieve the goal of the event, we will need a good number of people to attend the event. The number of individuals who attend the event will be determined by the efficiency of our promotional techniques. If the techniques are efficient, we will attract many individuals. If there are many participants, this implies that we will create awareness among many people. In turn, our event will prove to be effective (Midgley, 2014).

The effectiveness of the event will also depend on the efficiency of the instructors. The event has to be led by competent and experienced instructors. Such instructors will facilitate a better understanding of the subject using better instructive methods. The instructors will create a teaching schedule and develop an evaluation strategy (Edwards, Sieminski & Zeldin, 2014). If the instructors use their skills to execute the schedule appropriately, they will embed all the necessary knowledge in the minds of the participants. The level of understanding of the participants will then be established through subsequent evaluations. If the evaluations indicate that the learners have understood the necessary information, then the event will have been effective.

Finally, I will use feedback from our learners to determine if the event was effective. When many people are involved in a single experience, they are likely to provide differing views about their experience. Our event will also rely on the views of our learners after the event is complete. These views will be taken as feedback, which we will then use to establish the effectiveness of the event. If the feedback we receive from our learners mainly includes details of a knowledgeable experience, then the event will have been effective (Edwards, Sieminski & Zeldin, 2014).

The event will rely heavily on the knowledge and skills of experienced individuals. These professional instructors will have different sets of knowledge to offer to our learners. They will also be required to evaluate the understanding of the learners. This process will take up a lot of time and commitment. It will be hard to find professionals who are willing to volunteer their services. These professionals will only agree to offer voluntary services if they are extremely committed to the event. If we cannot find enough instructors who are willing to volunteer, this will be a challenge. To address it, we will have to agree on a suitable compensation for some of the instructors. The cost of compensating these instructors will be significant. Hence, we will require the board of directors to chip in.

A significant number of our learners will be students. To get these students to participate in our event, we will need to be able to communicate our objective to them. This process will involve a formal arrangement with the schools administrations. In some schools, arranging a meeting with students will not be as easy. This is because some school administrators will not find the task of encouraging their students to engage in our event appealing. This reaction may result from the fact that the administrators would like to avoid discrepancies with the students parents. However, the board of directors can intervene and help these schools plan for the meetings. For instance, the board can make the school administrators aware of our intentions in advance. Then they can communicate with the parents and inform us of their decision.

The event will depend on some resources for it to operate smoothly. For the event to occur, a venue will be necessary. An indoor or outdoor venue can be used for the event. The board can provide an outdoor venue, but this will not be favorable. This is because we will require additional materials and facilities such as tents, chairs, tables, and toilets. This will increase the costs of hosting the event. If the board can provide its indoor venue, it will be more favorable. A majority of the necessary equipment and facilities such as chairs, tables, and toilets will be available. Then all we will require are stationery, visual equipment, and other basic materials. Stationeries will be the most important materials for this event. Basic materials will include snacks, refreshments, and toiletries.

The event will also depend on good advertising and promotion. To help promote the event, I will require financial help from the board of directors. The money will be used to fund different advertising and promotional techniques that will be used to attract the target population. Nonetheless, the board will also help in securing necessary advertising resources such as radio stations.

The event will need qualified instructors who have experience in health and counseling matters. The event will be depending on the services of professionals who are willing to volunteer. Hence, I will embark on finding instructors who work in non-profit organizations. Volunteer services will be crucial for the event because they will help promote its value and effectiveness. However, if I am not able to secure enough volunteering instructors, I will seek the services of paid instructors. If I can find competent instructors who are willing to offer their services at a fee, the board of directors will also help by contributing towards their compensation. An option to paying external instructors will be on the board of trustees to provide instructors under its employment. This option will help the minimize on costs.



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