How to Stay Sober on a Saturday Night? Essay Example

2021-07-01 14:53:14
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Staying at home on a Saturday while sober is sometimes tricky for most of the people who are already addicted to alcohol. Drunkenness is habitual activity and it is difficult for one to keep off from it. Europeans are the world biggest drinkers, though Americans die from it despite drinking less than the Europeans. The advantages of staying sober from alcohol are unlimited, among them include, healthy liver, wise judgments, enhance memory, healthier gums, and teeth as well as other more. The following process essay will discuss measures to adhere to in order to stay sober on a Saturday night.

The first thing that day, participate in doing extra activities and chores, this can take the better part of the morning until noon. There are numerous extra activities that one might decide to choose, as long as they are busy. Some of the activities include doing house chores, you may decide let me change the arrangement of the living room. It is a good idea, because by the end of the activity the house will be clean and orderly arranged, while at the same time you will be exhausted and have no time to go to the bar. Another activity would be going to the gym and flex your muscles, or going to the library and study as you prepare yourself for the exams.

Secondly, in the afternoon, stay with friends. You can choose to hang out with friends both indoors or out the door. You may choose to go to the movie, or going to watch a sporting event. While with friends you might choose to practice your hobbies such as swimming, reading novels, playing video games and so forth. However, it depends on the kind of friends that one hangs around with, there are some friends who are of bad influence, for instance, staying with friends who drink, will make no change instead, it will worsen the situation since he or she might be insisting that you need to drink. The best type of friends who one can stay with is the non-drinkers or those ones who are rehabilitated from alcoholism.

Finally, in the evening, spend time with family. It is not often to see that the family members are becoming irresponsible and being disorderly. Spending time with the family members is the safest way of taking refuge as a drinker, more especially if they are not drinkers. During family times, you will engage in the activities that will kill time and you will have no time to think of drinking. During that time, you can all decide to have some talks, which are educative, inspiring and innovative; singing your favorite choruses, going shopping or even having a healthy dinner.

Conclusively, the only way to remain sober during the Saturday is by making your mind get bothered with many beneficial activities. This topic has been specific to Saturday because it is noted that most people get drunk on Saturday. These techniques can be applied not only on Saturday, but on other days that you feel that you might get tempted to get drunk. If the routine is exercised consistently, then one would gradually abstain from drinking and always remain sober.

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