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Strategic thinking is the process of operational planning and development of transformation strategies of an organization. It is very important antecedent planning for any organization to change its innovation strategies and development. It is the milestone for the development of future strategies. Applying the strategic thinking in management creates a greater chance of development from experience to future success. Organizations which use strategic thinking in their operation usually involve in productive decisions making concerning the future development of the institution. Strategic thinking is the grassroots of anticipation of the major shifts in the organization's management and planning. It gives the opportunity for the managers to identify the common emerging opportunity and threats to the organization.

Importance of using strategic thinking in an organization

Quality decision making

Have you ever used strategic thinking at any time in your organization? Every leader should focus on strategic thinking in any organization since it helps in making relevant decisions. Research shows that leaders who strategize their thinking can display the best management operation in the organization. Making the strategic thinking the major management philosophy helps in improving the decision made within the organization. The decision made by strategic thinkers is always flexible, positive and future focused. Therefore, every manager of any organization should use strategic thinking in their organizations before making decisions. Such decisions are always important for the organization's productive outlook. It gives the opportunity to the organization to demonstrate quality change and future development. Making positive outlook decision helps in reaching the appropriate stakeholders and the potential customers. This makes the organization to be customer service oriented. The flexibility of the organization is also a vital adaptive strategy for an organization. It helps in coping up with the changing economic environment. Manager using strategic thinking can anticipate and predict the possible future changes in the environment. They can, therefore, implement the control policies to avoid risks of changes, since they are capable of using the certain decisions.

Organization improvement and innovation

Strategic thinking is also an important factor for Improvement of sectors of the society and enhancing innovation. From above argument, leaders who think strategically always aim at quality improvement and facilitating implementation of policies. Most of the organizations have shown up dynamic capabilities in management due to strategic approaches in the organization of operational processes (Daft, 2011). Most of the managers who think strategically have been able to identify the changing business environment with improvement. The current business environment is changing for both the for-profit and not-for-profit organizations across the world. Thinking strategically enhances inventory activities within the groups. This is ultimately impacts on the improvement of the sectors of the organization. An example of such invention and development can be observed in the technology field. There has been a rapid increase in innovation and quality improvement of technological services. This is due to the strategic implementation of knowledge policies in this sector. Thus the stockholders can think strategically to make something better to counter the challenges of the transforming environment. Strategic thinking is more beneficial to companies involved in mechanization production. They can use the emerging technological ideas to improve on their output. Similarly, just like these enterprises, everybody can implement the policy in any organization to improve the organization and operation.

Reducing competition

Every organization faces competition from the substitute institutions. Strategic thinking helps in developing operational processes which allow the organizations to match the competitors. An organization which is led by strategic thinkers can adopt unique management activities to undo the competitors (Hill, 2017). The strategic stakeholders can also view the organization from both the internal and external perspective. This facilitates constructive understanding of the environmental factors, including the competition. They can, therefore, develop a strategic mechanism of achieving competitive advantages. Understanding of the competitors is also an important strategy of controlling competition and being competitive advantaged. Consequently, strategic thinking enhances critical management of the organizations hence the stakeholders can improve the organization's management. Therefore, every organizations leader should develop the policy of strategic thinking to control the competition and be a competitive advantage. This is possible since there will be a critical analysis of the internal and external environment (Harrison, 2010). They will, therefore, develop the relevant implementation factors to make the organization more competitive. Also, the managers will understand the needs of the customers through feedback to attract new customers and retain the potential clients. This facilitates the continuity of the organization and competes favorably in the environment.

Resource management

It should not go without appreciating that strategic thinking in management can promote the economic use of the limited resources. Most of the resources have become more scarce and limited. Every organization should, therefore, find the appropriate way of restricting the misuse of these recourses. Strategic thinking results to the better use of the human resources, hence, resulting to productive workers in an organization. Consequently, critical management results to better understanding and good relationships within the group, between the employees and the management. This enhances proper teamwork and enhancing corporation within the organization. Also, it helps in accessing resources at a minimum cost to increase the productivity of the organization. It is also worth noting that time is a very important resource, strategic thinking helps in composing timely management procedures within the organization. This leads to proper programming and operation process of the organization. The organization's owners can plan to use the limited resources promptly to increase their productivity and efficiency. They will always focus on the management teamwork and time consciousness within the organization's management. This helps in avoiding costly mistakes and improper use of the limited resources. The employees are also protected from exploitation by some of the senior managers within the organization.

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