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As part of the requirement of undertaking the internship at United Caterers and Contractors, I am supposed to assess myself on how I faired in the goals that I set out to achieve at the beginning of the learning experience. I also examined how I felt I am doing regarding the attitudes that the organization values. The reason for this is to evaluate how much I have been able to learn within the period of my attachment.

Learning on internal operations

One of the goals that I identified was to learn how the company operates. Since I am an intern in the Human Resource department, it is vital for me to gain knowledge of how the division relates to others in the organization as well as the treatment that it accords the workforce. From the experience that I have had at my workstation, I would give myself a score of B. The reason for this is that I was given an introduction to all the departments and I have been learning a lot about their organization culture. I have also learned that the business entity adopted a functional structure where the employees are grouped in accordance with their functions. In the HR, from the interaction with the four people in the department, they have taken me through what the company requires in the department. The general culture in the company, as well as the department, is that places great value in the employees and treats each one as a key stakeholder in the achievement of its goals. Since the business is in the hospitality industry, I noticed they place a high value in the happiness of the employees since in most cases they deliver the service directly to the customer. The image of the company, therefore, is key to continued success in its operations and one way that the corporation ensures this is by listening and dealing with issues that the workers have. Although I have not tackled any cases brought forward by the employees because I am a temporary member, I realized that the department takes a lot of interest in sorting out any issues that any employees may have and the department has an expert in counseling. When it comes to new workers joining the company, the company has a comprehensive training program to ensure that employees learn the standards of performance required and its culture since it has built a great reputation for the over 30 years. It also promotes the culture through leading by example as all the top management is keen to follow up what say. It also gives guidance to the new recruits on the expectations they have for him or her and even shows examples.

I have also learned that at UCC, the trust between the management and the workforce is built because they insist on accountability where everyone acknowledges their mistakes and not only their successes. There is also consistency in what the executive adopts as policy or culture and the management ensures that they lead by example. Honesty is a key value in the organization; any dishonesty discovered when dealing with any aspect in the company gets a severe punishment. The company deals with the issue of negative attitude towards work by having counseling sessions for the individuals at the human resource offices. Some of this negativity occurs due to the boredom of doing the same tasks, and therefore there is the adoption of job rotation within the organization. There is also constant communication between the heads of different sections with their teams so that they can iron out any issues that arise in the course of performing their duties. A good example of this, is where on every Monday there is a meeting of the human resource members where we discuss the challenges encountered within the week.

Human resource skills application

In my area of specialization, it is necessary to learn skills such as recruiting of potential employees, undertaking their screening, employee relations skills, scheduling of employees in shifts and even performance management among others. I have learned that UCC assumes active recruitment where it goes out of it reach and get the audience of potential employees and sometimes even poaches experts in an effort to get the best candidates. It also posts vacancies that are available on the company website where interested individuals can apply one, and this provides the company with a pool of candidates at any given time.

The HR reviews the job descriptions before advertising them to ensure the functions and duties of the new job are up-to-date. It also comes up the personal specifications for the position, which forms the basis for which the candidates get assessment. I learned when coming up with the specifications which are basically the personal skills and abilities of individuals, one should ensure;

the requirements are specific, clear and justified for the job,

they relate to the job description that is given,

their basis should be on qualities,

they should be have credibility and realistic to the applicants.

When it comes to selecting the qualified persons, the company usually has a short-listing panel that usually has forms that they fill to show why they have settled on particular candidates. After making into the shortlist, those who meet the criteria get invitations for interviews whose composition depends on the position in question. Sometimes the company outsources the recruitment services especially for the technical positions like those of chefs and those of the management. It is also policy for the organization to give feedback to the candidates within a week after the interview. Sometimes they conduct aptitude tests for the candidates to ensure that they have basic knowledge of the field of application and also shorten the list especially when the applicants are many.

Labor laws in Bahrain

In an effort to comply to the international labor laws, there have been changes to the acts on employment that UCC complies to continue with its operations successfully. First, there is a prohibition of discrimination of any kind based on sex, ethnicity, religious beliefs or even language when it comes to employment aspects such as payment of salaries. The employer is expected to grant the workers an annual leave of 21 days for those in their first five years and 28 days for those beyond that. There are also provisions for the a 60-day paid maternity leave with an allowance of an additional 15 days that are unpaid and a sick leave of forty five days for the employees. The laws also state that any delays in payment of salaries must be compensated with at 6% annual rate for the first six months , an increased 1% for any other month up to one year and at 12% for any further delay. There is a requirement for the registration of labor disputes

with the Labor Case Administration Office for settlement in an amicable manner. The law also provides for employees who get summarily dismissals cam claim indemnity.

Firing of employees

At UCC when a new staff member joins the organization they are given the handbook to read and they sign a document to confirm that they have read the manual and will abide by the rules stated in it. Therefore, everyone employed at the company is aware of what is acceptable and what is not by the firm. If there is any violation, the supervising officer of the employee documents it and notifies the human source department of such cases for their record keeping. Some of the violations such coming to work late a given second chances but persistent violation leads to one getting a warning letter from the HR. Further violating of the rules leads to one getting disciplinary action, this takes place after investigating the case, and the employee gets an opportunity to explain themselves before a disciplinary committee. After arriving to the decision to end the contract with the employees, the human resource manager writes the letter of termination and signs. The employee gets a summoning to the offices to come and get their letter and this is usually done with dignity in a private manner with only one witness. It is usually a brief and straightforward session in order to limit emotions. The Company also gives recommendation letters to those leaving to assist them in their future endeavors of seeking employment if they wish.

As a company, United Caterers and Contractors ensure that it remunerates its employees in a manner that is commensurate with their skills and effort and this is why there is a lot of loyalty among them. The company also offers superior benefits to the competitors and good working conditions and therefore the rate of employee turnover is low among its workforce.

Developing customer care skills

Bearing in mind that UCC in the service industry, there is usually direct contact with the customers and thus it means I needed to learn on how to deliver superior customer service. I have learned that in the food and beverages sector, it is important to deliver what you promise as this will determine if the company will have referrals for future business. Everyone in the company ensures that they take details of what the customers want keenly to make sure that they do not miss out on anything that could be the difference between the satisfaction or the dissatisfaction of the client. Timeliness whether it is when making delivery of food or beverages or conducting an event such as weddings and birthday is taken seriously. The company ensures that it is ready with the food or the preparation of occasion sites three hours in advance. When it comes to planning of event venues, details are central, the company has topnotch professionals in the field, and they make sure they customize it to the requirements of the customer. There are chefs who are specialists in different meals and to the most exotic cuisines and if they are not available within the company, they take the initiative to outsource just to satisfy the client. In case of any delays the company takes full responsibility and even compensates for the same by giving discounts of up to even 50% although it rarely happens.

In order to ensure the safety of the food that they offer to their clients, they make sure that they know the source of their ingredients. They have contracted internationally reputable companies to supply them with the various foodstuffs and these firms usually contract farmers to supply them with their products such that they ensure them of high quality and safe. In case there are complains such as food poisoning, then the source is easily traceable up to the origin in the farm.

Learning on daily operation

I have learned about the various reports generated on a daily basis and sent to the operations manager who happens to be my supervisor. These include those to with customer deliveries and other satisfaction initiatives as well as the sales. All the departments usually hold two meetings one at the beginning of the week to set out the targets for the week and at the end to review the performance. The company marketing department follows up closely on the events that are planned in Bahrain and always ensure they are up-to-date on any occasions coming up by following the various channels of the media as well as the social networks. The constant updates and presence in the social websites continues to generate a lot of business to the company to the extent that there are people tasked with that all day and night. The return on investment on this online marketing has paid dividends for the company because most of the customers in the recent years as I have learned contact them through this media.

Making of the payroll

The preparation of the payroll at the company usually takes place before the 20th of every month with the aim of paying the workers by the 28th . With the assistance of colleagues in the department, I have learned of the process involved and how to generate it in the system. The basis of calculation of the bonuses is usually on productiv...

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