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2021-07-01 13:07:43
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For growth and improvement in operations of company, employees as well as their leaders ought to evaluate the problems that lead to the decline of the institution. On the other hand, the employer ought to take care of the safety and health of the workers as they run errands in the company. Therefore, by ensuring that employees are safe leads to the growth of the business towards its goals and competitiveness in the market. Similar to Occupational Safety and Health Administration that facilitates safe as well as healthy working conditions for workers through implementing workplace laws and standards by training, educating and managing the employees. Consequently, Voluntary Protection Programs endorses effective worksite-based safety and health by recognizing employees that work in private sector and federal agencies.

Inasmuch as Gemstone decides to become an OSHA VPP site, the management should proactively prevent injuries and illness. Hence, the system that analyses worksite and works involvement; thus, undergoing the on-site evaluation by a team of safety and health professionals. This paper elaborates on the problem in Gemstone based on accounting for supervisors, managers, as well as executives; thus, the need for protection from OSHA agency in the similar way they account for their employees. Additionally, the employer ought to understand the safety of all the members regardless of their position in the company.

For Gemstone Company to reach the level of excellence as well as the benefits of cooperative approach in resolving potential safety and healthful problems, the employer ought to engage VPP policies. VPP outlines official recognition of excellent safety and health programs such as the Division of Occupational Safety and Healths (DOSH) approach. This method ensures all employees are safe and healthful in their workplace despite their position in the company. Notwithstanding the fact that frontline workers lead in the operation of the company, team leaders ought to communicate and ensure that each activity focuses on the goals of the enterprise. Thus, as an employer, the company is liable while workers are under supervision from managers and a constant remainder of their specialization as frontline employees and managers under different departments. Although administrators, supervisors, and executives head in operations of the institution, the company ought to evaluate their performance regarding leadership and management. By so doing, employees and employers determine the way forward to help in the development of the organization.

Through training of the front-line workers, Gemstone company ensures that the company moves forward in response to the goals and visions. Subsequently, the employer ought to facilitate protective measures to its employees from hazardous sites for their safety and health stability to motivate employees in their work. To implement a safety and health management system the employer enforces discipline on the sites where the injuries occur from the harm of the security rule to the employee. Therefore, OSHA motivates employers to manage and implement official workplace safety policies to diminish workplace hazards as well as prevention of injuries.

Having incentives, that support worker participates in safety-related activities such as identifying the hazardous injury sites. To curb safety problems, Gemstone employer should purchase garments that ensure they are clean while preparing the food containers. Having an insurance cover is advantageous as it protects the company's equipment in case of accidents. Hence, before the commencement of any activities in an organization, the employer ought to protect employees from any injuries for full participation in the company. On similar grounds, the management team ought to understand the goals of the enterprise to ensure that employees follow the rules within the industry.

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