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Writing was conventionally invented by human beings to mirror their emotions and represent their language, making it an imperative form of communication. Along these lines, writing complements other forms of communication such as speech and spoken languages. According to Duras (2014), writing is fundamentally based on synonymous structures as a language framework. These structures include but are not limited to semantics, vocabulary, and grammar (Duras and Polizzotti). Subsequently, a text alludes to a product of writing that is primarily intended for an audience who happens to be the reader. Over the years, the emergence of writing was a direct result of human society development sparked by events such as the need to maintain culture and store information in a much-sophisticated manner that would aid its transmission to later generations. Around the period of the fourth millennium, writing became presenting transaction and recording depended on writing entirely as the most dependable method. In light of the imperative nature that writing assumes, this paper sets out to depict an in-depth analysis and a reflection on writing, by highlighting the purposes of writing, its significance, and far-reaching impacts that can be traced to our daily activities in the society.

The purpose of writing can be deciphered into an array of components that mirror its heightened scope and enhance its comprehension. First, writing has proven to be immensely valuable in expression and reflection. Writing encompasses a process that enables writers to pass on their experiences and private thoughts. In so doing, individuals can create stories by giving insights into their lives, be it fictional or real, and reflect on life lessons. More often than not, these lessons and life experiences are mostly derived from the writers previous encounters. Thus, writers ought to be precise as they describe their characters and give them life.

Second, writing provides an efficient channel of information and illustration given writings focus on objectivity. This particular form of writing, therefore, is restricted to expository and is only objective as it serves to offer concise explanations of a topic rather than stating an opinion. Third, evaluation and judgment also constitute a significant purpose of writing. Here, no one is entitled to their facts as we are all entitled to our opinion (Bliss, Lowe and Fiene). This form of writing expresses an opinion using relevant evidence and clear reasoning which ultimately comments on the ethical concepts, explains its preferential status, and highlights weaknesses and strengths. Finally, writing serves to enhance the ability to inquire, explore, analyze, and interpret. Writing serves the purpose of inquiry or the opportunity to ask relevant questions concerning particular grievances or concerns. Ultimately, this enables the writer to dive deeper into the aspect of the topic, making it an expository writing endeavor. Analysis and interpretation involve the provision of a written text valid insight and determining its meaning. Thus, writing purposes of answering queries with the conclusion that are closest regardless of their plausibility.

In synopsis, writing is the fundamental aspect of creativity. It is the primary base upon which communication, art, record keeping and history ensues. Writing is the hallmark of communication, and we come to terms with it every day. Writing is used in a varied number of ways such as giving information poetry, creating opinions and asking questions. The significance of writing in our society cannot be missed. It is of valued importance given its ability to facilitate communication more than any other media. This realization can be illustrated by the fact that most binding agreements and contracts are usually written and signed. Thus, writing bears a part in creative projections, including films buildings, plays, and pieces of literature. An absence of writing would largely alter the flow of ideas beyond the source.

In conclusion, we cannot appropriately weigh the high purpose that writing serves to both individuals and the society in general. Writing marks, a foundation in retelling societal and personal experiences and empowers people to express themselves confidently without fear of judgment. Writing is fundamental to learning and acquiring new information that renders a person more knowledgeable.


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