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Leadership is an important element in management since through leadership managers can ensure that their teams accomplish their goals. Different people utilize different leadership techniques in leading and managing their subjects (Johnstone & Manica 2011). An individual's personality usually plays a significant role in determining the leadership skills they will use because their personality often describes their character and view of life.

In consideration of the two kinds of characteristics under the four character categories presented in the Truity personality checker test, I was able to find out that I am one, an introvert not an extrovert. This means that I a quiet and solitude individual, I value my privacy, I like reflecting on issues and prefer being in calm surroundings. This shows that as a leader and manager I encourage my staff to work on their own under minimum supervision. According to Myers & Myers (2010), it also indicates that I encourage my subordinates on trying to find solutions to their problems individually before approaching others. Two, I am an intuitive person and not a sensitive individual since I often process information through the utilization of my imagination. I love observing patterns, innovating new ideas, and creating possibilities for the future. This shows that as a leader I ensure that my subordinates always conduct a critical analysis of a situation or an issue by gathering all the necessary information before they present their final opinions. This means that I value the information and suggestions given to me by all of my subordinates.

Three, I was able to note that I am a judger and not a perceiver. This indicates that I value order which means I often plan and ensure that I avoid distractions that may lead me away from the goals I may have set. This character also shows that I try as hard as I can to ensure that I see through the tasks I may have set for myself by sticking to the rule, regulations, and schedule I may have set. As a manager, I always ensure that my team has established a plan that defines our goal and the responsibility of each of our team members before we start working on a project. It also shows that I prefer working with employees who are organized and dutiful in relation to their responsibility.

Four, I was able to know that I am a thinker and not a feeler thus logical reasoning, objectivity, and competence is paramount to me. This means that I believe that we are all responsible for ourselves and thus we should individually take care of ourselves. This character also indicates that I am always unbiased and competitive since I value justice and equality to all and also promote the maximization of our skills. As a manager and a leader, I offer all my subordinates' equal opportunities to better themselves and often encourage them to be competitive since I believe competition would force them always to give their best. This character indicates that I value employees who are ambitious and dedicated to their work which means I reward my employees for their efforts (Myers & Myers 2010).

The four different personal characters that I possess have enabled me to have different strengths and weaknesses in relation to my leadership and management skills. My introvert nature has allowed me to have strengths such as the ability to solve issues without necessarily depending on my subordinates support. It has enabled me to relieve my employees from some of their work burdens since I prefer doing some of the duties by myself. It has allowed me to show my employees that I trust them since I let them work under minimum supervision. This nature also promotes the safe keeping of the organization's vital information since as a manager and a leader I value secrecy.

The weaknesses I have in relation to my introvert nature are such as; I often overwork myself because I prefer working on my own. I at times I make poor judgments since I prefer finding solutions to a problem by myself without consulting other members of my team. My promotion of low supervision may encourage my team members to lazy since they know no one is closely monitoring their activities. This character has also made me as a leader not to be supportive of teamwork since I encourage my subordinates to work on their own. Intuitiveness has enabled me to possess strong characters like the ability to engage my team members on a critical analysis of problems before we employ the most appropriate solution (Muller & Turner 2010). It has enabled me to promote perfection among my employees since I encourage them to be keen in all that they do. This character has also allowed me to make my subordinates innovative by encouraging them to be imaginative and more creative.

Intuitiveness has, on the other hand, exposed me to weaknesses such as it has made me waste time in presenting of solutions to problems because this nature has forced me to over analyze issues. This nature has also forced me to create confusion within the team since I often find myself presenting ideas that are only understood by me and at times supporting different ideas at the same time. My thinking character has given me strengths such as the ability to encourage my employees to always give their best by awarding them for their efforts. The character has ensured that I am always just in solving conflicts between my employees thus ensuring that the appropriate punishment and compensation is given to the offender and the offended respectively. It has also ensured that I always give equal opportunities to my employees since it has cultivated a nature that promotes equality. This has made my team know that their effort is what will determine how I will view them. It has also ensured that I often make decisions that are objective in nature thus promoting un-biasness.

This character has exposed me to weaknesses such as the ignorance of the needs of my team members since I assume that everyone should individually look after themselves. It has made me create enmity between some of my team members due to the promotion of competition. This character has also forced me to ignore the emotional feelings of my team members, yet emotions significantly influence their performance. Judging character has made me have leadership strengths such as goal oriented. I frequently ensure that my team knows what they should expect and do to make sure that we accomplish the goals we have set. The character has made me always to ensure that my team orderly conducts its activities by following the set plan. According to Johnstone & Manica (2011), judging character also makes sure that leaders prevent confusions such as on members' duties and obligations thus ensuring that the team effectively works as a unit. This character has, however, made me face weaknesses such as the wastage of time in forming procedures and schedules. This character has also made it hard for me to lead my team in solving problems that emerge suddenly and require quick solutions because I have to take time in planning.

The four characters that I possess are linked to various leadership and management qualities that people would appreciate or find annoying. Qualities that they would be appreciated are such as, my promotion and value of privacy since it enables my subordinates to know that I believe in them. According to Emery et al. (2013), this quality also makes individuals know that they can confide in me because I value secrecy. People would appreciate the fact that I don't overwork my team members. This is shown by the fact that I prefer taking full responsibility for most of the duties in relation to work carried out by the team. My promotion of perfection is a desirable quality since it creates the perception that only the best can be expected from me.

The fact that I value the contributions of everyone on my team is an admirable quality that shows people I appreciate their effort regardless of their position. Most people will appreciate my just nature because they know I will not favor others over them by giving them special treatments since to me everybody is equal. My subordinates will allow me to help them solve their conflicts because they know that I will provide them with an honest judgment because I am not biased. My team members would also appreciate working with me because I am always organized (Emery et al. 2013). My enforcement of procedures, rules, and regulations would make working with me to be less stressful since everyone would be aware of what is expected of them. Thus there would be fewer conflicts and confusions concerning duties in relation to the different projects we would be working on.

Some of the things that people would find annoying concerning my characteristics are such as; my reserved nature, this reservedness is undesirable since it discourages people from interacting with me thus limiting me from creating strong friendship ties with my subordinates or business associates. My over analysis of almost everything would annoy people since I would drag my team behind by forcing them to analyze even small issues critically. My view that everyone should take care of themselves may be viewed as being selfish since there are numerous times when one may need a helping hand. My competitive nature may annoy people because competition often encourages enmity. It may also irritate individuals since it is a barrier to teamwork since team member are to be encouraged to work together not against each other. My inflexible nature due to over dependence on plans, rules and regulations would be viewed as a bad quality because it limits me from embracing sudden changes since I prefer the norm.

My combination of characters formed by the four different characters that define my personality type has enabled me to note that I am an organized, ethical individual who ensures that every team member works hard in duties delegated to them. The characters also show that I like finding solutions to complex issues and am keen in pointing out errors since I pay attention to details. In consideration of my different characters, I prefer stability innovation over preference for change and traditional ways. This is because I like discovering new ideas that can be incorporated to old ideas thus complimenting traditional ways. This shows that as much as I love creating new ideas I don't like change, thus I prefer creating a balance between new and traditional ways. In the comparison of creativity versus not fixing something if it is broke, I prefer creativity since I always attempt to find solutions to problems. The fact that I do not give up easily because I love challenges is also an indication that I prefer creativity over leaving things broken.

Individuals would trust me because I am an introverted and a judger. My introvert nature will make people trust me since they will believe that their secrets will be safe with me since I value privacy and don't like interacting with a lot of individuals. My judger character on the other would make people trust me since they know I will always stick to the plan we have set because I am an organized person. The personality test surprised me since I thought that I am an extrovert since I saw myself as a person who loves interacting with others. I was also surprised to find out that I am a thinker and not a feeler since I am always concerned about other people well-being. The personality test was however helpful since it has helped me understand myself better by showing me the kind of a person I am.


Emery, C., Calvard, T. S., & Pierce, M. E. (2013). Leadership as an emergent group process: A social network study of personality and leadership. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 16(1)...

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