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Reflective thinking boosts the level of understanding of what one underwent in any given process. It may even be play or treatment. As such, it brings up the aspect of critical thinking where one has to go back to their experiences or activities that they undertook to comprehend any form of knowledge acquired. The essay will thus be a reflective style of writing in which I will think about my learning and even understanding of the learning experiences when I was undergoing by masters of professional accounting and the subject of business research.

The learning experience has offered various benefits due to the interactions that take place in the entire process. Besides, learning experience imparts skills that are applied throughout the life of an individual. Going through a learning experience further boosts the capability of a person to solve problems and face tough situations in various occasions. As such, learning experience has a positive effect on an individual especially as it shapes them to face the future with the right form of knowledge and skills in place. There is also a value that is obtained in the learning experience. There is the satisfaction that one receives when they perceive that the whole experience was worthwhile. Individuals also have objectives that they have set and which they would want to achieve at the end of a learning experience. The objectives can be a long or short term and may mostly be determined by their career. There is thus the aspect of achievement of goals that is obtained from the learning experience. In the accounting course being undertaken, the learning experience assists one to be in a position to comprehend most of the concepts that they may have set to accomplish. On the other hand, one can advance in their career in future when they go through the learning experience. More opportunities are opened for them to pursue and obtain elements such as promotions.

The new knowledge acquired will be transferred or applied in the future to solve problems either at work or in the society. The knowledge will further be implemented in other conditions and not exactly those that they learned. In this way, the knowledge acquired will be of high value. Besides, the knowledge will also be employed to generate more or greater levels of understanding. During the learning process, attention was drawn to the content. Wrong perceptions or even comprehension of concepts were also eliminated and the right forms created. Also, a positive attitude was developed towards the course and the awareness of the ability to transform the industry also developed. Social interactions during learning are quite fundamental. As such, socialization was enhanced and in this way, more knowledge acquired from other people who were undertaking a similar course.

The business research was useful in the learning process since it acted as a tool for the development of knowledge and efficient education as well. It also assisted in the comprehension of why most businesses are successful. They invest heavily in research and development of the market and their competitors. Additionally, business analysis also provides a way of understanding various issues, proving lies and supporting facts.

The learning process began by defining my ultimate self. In this case, I identified my strengths, the perception I want to form on others and how I want to act. It was then followed by conducting an assessment or evaluation through the feedback gathered from individuals and by carrying out a self-assessment. As such, I discovered how my ideal self and real self interact as well as my gaps. The learning and development needs were then put as a priority. Strengths were built or developed and the gaps closed. The essential skills, behaviors, and competencies that were required to be learned and developed were identified at this stage. The development of an action plan for each of the critical skills, behavior, and competency identified was undertaken. The tasks or skills required to be worked on were pointed out at this stage. Furthermore, learning materials such as courses or books that are available were detected. The difference between the ideal and real self was established at this juncture. Finally, the learning and development plan was put into practice. The new skills, behavior, and competencies that would be applied or even practiced were put into action. Also, the new thoughts and feeling the required reflecting were identified.

Assignment 1 and two issued were completed as they provided more insight of what was learned and enhanced the level of understanding of the accounting concepts. They further presented an opportunity to conduct more research on the topic and gather more information as well. The learning process described eliminated the gaps that were identified. However, it is necessary to note that they were eradicated through the acquisition of the right knowledge and skills in the field. The assignments were also completed as they helped to develop my critical thinking skills and in particular with the accounting in which case, some of them required robust calculations to be conducted. On the other hand, some questions were posed in the accounting sector but could not be found in any of the course materials. Also, they assisted in boosting my critical thinking skills and level of competency as well. My behavior towards the entire learning process was also transformed. This was mostly as a result of the development of positive attitudes to tackling tough concepts in business and accounting. My learning process was thus almost as similar as what is usually described in various readings.

Once I get employed in an accounting firm or any other organization for that matter, I will have all the necessary skills and knowledge required to perform duties efficiently. This is as a result of the thorough learning process undergone to shape my insights as an individual. It will further assist me to advance my level of knowledge by going through the other levels of education such as Masters and Ph.D. easily. With the critical thinking skills in place, tackling tough aspects at these higher levels will not be hard. In life, people undergo different levels of challenges. Some may require institutional knowledge while others may need critical thinking to come up with the right solutions. As such, the learning process that I have undergone has enabled me to obtain the skills to tackle various challenges in life. This is as a result of the profound knowledge and insights that I have acquired over the duration of the learning process. Through socialization, which I perfected during the learning process will also be effective when tackling issues that I may face in future.


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