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The introduction training will take place before installing the system to the employee's PCs. First, they will be told about the benefits that company would gain through updating the system. Also, it is likely that every employee may want to know how the system would be beneficial in their case. As such, it is the responsibility of the people in charge of the training program to give a detailed description on the need for updating the system. The new system differs greatly from the old system in various ways. Based on that, the training must include some of the different ways in which the new system would be used. The initial training process will also include the Workability of the current system during the upgrade. Such measure is to give the employees a description of how the new system is likely to work. However, in that process, it would not be very detailed as mostly it relates to the need of the new system. The employees are likely to cooperate with the training program once they are aware of how the new system would impact the organization.

The initial training process will commence after the system is installed in every employees PCs. Based on that, every employee will be given his or her logins that would be used to enter into the new system. It will help in preventing various types of fraud cases within the organization. The initial training process would take 8 hours as it is likely to take a lot of time to enter the software to every employees PC. The course will teach the new user how to create their password for safety purposes. Such measures will ensure that once one of them discovers any insecurity within the system, the person can easily change that login. The system will be provided with an automatic data update capabilities.

Implementation training will take place during the implementation of the new system. The people who would be in charge of the training and development process will be open to any questions from the employees. Also, any employee who is having trouble to login into his or her system will report such incident. The system will also be checked if it is faster compared to the previous system. The main aim of the training process is to ensure that the new system performs much better than the old system.

All workers will be trained on the use of the new patrol system and how to be maintained. It is certain that the system might fail to upgrade itself due to certain technicalities. As such, the employee will be trained on the manual use of updating the system. The system will be run behind the company IS firewall. Such actions are to ensure that every employee can witness how the enter system is running. In case that any of them is having a major problem with his/her system, the main supply can be used.


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Figure 1. Acme Company Interface Structure Design

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