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Various psychotherapy approaches are known to be effective and are considered the most during treatments in a wide range of psychiatric diagnostic categories. In therapy practices, most psychotherapists uses a theoretical model to which they apply in an integrative and flexible manner. In their article: Cultivating a Spiritually Psychotherapy Approach With Youth: An Exploratory Qualitative Study, Arczynski, Englar-Carlson, and Morrow have conceptualized some ideas that they found in their research to have an impact on psychotherapeutic treatment by incorporating spirituality in the process.

There is a particular concept that comes out clearly from the article, spirituality, and holistic religion is important in therapies. The authors find that the foundation in which the respondents of the study bases their psychotherapy process is in spirituality since it is the significant part of their young clients and even themselves. The participants systematically believe that the young clients form of spirituality is much accustomed to their divine and therefore it is special and profound in the articulation of the clients spiritual experience making it viable in the integration of spirituality in the therapeutic process. Barriers that affect and suppresses the developmental expressions of youths blocking their integration of spirituality in the therapeutic process. Creation of certain strategies that are aimed at reducing influences of such barriers, and in a manner supporting the spiritual integration in the therapeutic process is an idea that comes out clearly from the article. The participants in the study found this model to be effective in integrating spirituality into the psychotherapy process in their young clients who are may have been coerced unknowingly by psychotherapist into believing that the clinicians values may be superior that their own.

The purpose of the study was to investigate experiences of clinicians used spirituality integration in psychotherapy and also to understand how they integrate spirituality in their therapy on children and adolescents. The ideas mentioned above proved their importance to the authors of the study because they provided a fundamental base in which the study bases itself. The authors use the information that is based on these concepts to form a ground in which the aim of the study is set. They are able to come up with relevant questions that address the roles in which the integration of spirituality and religion influences the psychotherapy process.

In my understanding of the ideas presented in the article, such cognitive behavioral intervention therapy that is used commonly as a theoretical backdrop in the integration of spiritual techniques culminates the change of peoples perception of the use of religion or spirituality in therapy. It is common knowledge that the discussion of spirituality and religion in therapy sessions is a controversial topic since some people believe that such actions bring more harm than good. However, I strongly believe that if a client believes that they can benefit from the spiritual integrated therapy, clinicians can use their skills and knowledge to assist the healing process through a deep understanding of clients spiritual self. With the changes in clinical works in the recent years, roles of spiritual beliefs in mental health and such influence of integration of spirituality in psychotherapy processes, therapists should assess their clients spirituality, in the same manner, they will in their personal spiritual values. Their personal models of spiritual and psychological health should examine how they connect their roles in therapy.

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