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The Texas Revolution, sometimes regarded as the Texas War of Independence, took place between 1835 and 1836. The revolution began when colonists from the Unites States rebelled against the Mexican government led by General Santa Anna. In October 1835, war erupted between the Mexican government and the American settlers in Texas as a result of their political and cultural conflicts which had lasted a decade (Causes and Effects of Texas Revolution 48). There was a disagreement by the Texans on whether the ultimate objective was independence or a return to the 1824 Mexican Constitution. Volunteers from the United States and Texans came together and conquered the troops of Mexican soldiers by mid-December 1835.

The Mexicans founded the Mexican Republic after winning their independence from Spain in 1821. Immigrants from the United States then settled in the northeastern part of Texas which was the new republic after the occurrence. One of the reasons which led to the start of the Texas Revolution was a cultural difference between the Americans and the Mexicans. The two groups differed in their language, religion, the judicial system and partook on slavery. The Americans were unwilling to speak Spanish and admit to the Roman Catholic. The Mexican legal system believed that one was guilty until they proved innocent as objected to the American system where an individual was considered innocent until proven guilty.

The Mexicans did not support slavery as opposed to the Americans who grew up in the slave provinces of the South. There were a significant number of slaves in Texas who according to the Mexicans laws were supposed to be free and were believed to have been introduced to slavery by their masters under questionable contracts (Texas (Provisional government) 103).The Texas Revolution therefore aimed at protecting the freedom of the Mexicans without discrimination of cast or skin color.

According to the letter written to the Mexican Ministry of War from General Santa Anna, land grabs was another reason which led to the Texas Revolution. Foreigners who had migrated to the country without passports or consent from the authorities were to be treated as invaders and driven away from the Mexican territory (Texas (Provisional government) 103). Plans were also made as part of the Texas revolution to expel the Anglo-American colonists who occupied the frontier of the republic to be moved to the interior in order not to expose the Mexicans.

Another immediate cause for the Texas Revolution was political differences. A considerable number of Texas, both Mexican and Anglo, did not agree to the administrative amendments authorized by Siete Leyes in which absolute power was handed to the Santa Anna and the Mexican government. During the 1820s and 1830s, the Deep South State was swept by the Jacksonian Democracy which was a political belief that considered all parties to be wrong and the least government to be the best. Fewer people held power, and the government grew more oppressive to her people.

After the war, the Texas government was incredibly incompetent and in debt. Two towns wrestled as both wanted to become the capital, and eventually, one city lifted the government files and took them away from its rival (Causes and Effects of The Texas Revolution 56). A positive result that came out of the rebellion were laws borrowed from Spanish colonial law that allowed women to own and inherit property for the public. Forced labor grew quickly, and Texas passed legislation to guard slaves and contact between the Mexicans and nonwhites were declared illegal.

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