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Organizational Behavior (OB) is one of the most critical factors that determine the success and sustainability of a given company (Wood, Zeffane, Fromholtz, & Fitzgerald, 2016). OB aims at providing a comprehensive comprehension of human behavior exhibited by different individuals available in a given firm. These stakeholders are mainly, employees, managers and the potential customers that the organization serves. It isimperative to understand the importance of studying organizational behavior in a given companyas a clear comprehension of the organizational behavior helps to the enterprise to achieve its desired growth and increase its sustainability (Hiriyappa, 2009).

There are numerous benefits associated with a proper understanding of organizational behavior. First, a precise knowledge of the definition of OB is useful not only for managers but also for organizational leaders. OB refers to the systematic study of different people and their work within an organization (Wood, Zeffane, Fromholtz, & Fitzgerald, 2016). Understanding the definition can also help individual employees to understand their behavior and establish how they can work jointly and collaboratively with others in different teams to achieve the organizational goals. A proper understanding of oneself helps in increasing organizational diversity which increases the firm's efficiency regarding operations and the overall output (Hiriyappa, 2009).

Secondly, OB helps in the efficient management of the human resources available in a given workplace (French, 2011). OB plays a critical role in developing and enhancing positive relationships in a work-related environment. OB can also reduce substantial associated losses and wastage by reducing the overall dysfunctional behavior such as employee dissatisfaction, absenteeism, and tardiness (King &Lawley, 2012).OB also helps in self-development which increases ones human values and ethics (Wood, Zeffane, Fromholtz, & Fitzgerald, 2016).

Besides, OB helps in enhancing managerial skills which increase competence among leaders and managers. OB is one of the most interesting subjects to study. OB helps leaders and managers to understand the behavior of an employee and identify the best teams to include them when planning on firm human resource management. OB entails the study of perception, attitude, learning and moral values at an individual's point while identifying potential areas of conflicts to offer satisfactory solutions.

In conclusion, it is important to have a wide understanding of the importance of studying organizational behavior in a given company as a clear comprehension of the organizational behavior helps the company to achieve its goals and increase its sustainability. There are numerous benefits associated with a proper understanding of organizational behavior such as greater collaboration among employees, enhanced relationships, and ensuring continues alignment to the achievement of the organizational set goals. As such, organizational managers should ensure that more resources are directed towards improving OB to increase its associated benefits.


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