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Attached is a report that highlights the need for good employee relations.

From the research conducted by your organization, I have been able to highlight on key points for the success of your organization. Employee relations is the most fundamental aspect of the development of the organization.

This role greatly falls on the human resource managers, and they are the drivers for good employee relations. I have included some of how employee relations can be enhanced and areas that require keen consideration.

I believe that this report will be beneficial for your company.


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HR Consultant.

Employee Relations as the Basis for Human Resource Management


The report seeks to highlight the roles human resource managers have in ensuring that organizations operations run smoothly. The human resource manager must have the ability to identify and find solutions to employee problems. Some of the functions highlighted are maintaining employee relations, ways of growing and managing the workforce, addressing contemporary human resource management issues and efficient management of employees.

As a human resource manager, ensuring that employees relate well at work is vital. A good work environment is created by functional interactions between the employees. The human resource manager has an advisory and mediator role to disagreements that may arise between the employees. They can only achieve this by first creating relationships between them and the employees. The employees will, therefore, entrust them with their issues to solve. The human resource manager should also come up with solutions that are acceptable to both parties based on the cause of their differences.


Through proper analysis of the organization, the following was noted. Human resource managers play a vital role in growing the companys workforce. They should ensure that all employees work towards meeting organizational objectives (Ghosh & Kapoor, 1985). Having efficient recruitment processes is one of the ways of providing this. Proper induction of new employees should be done to ensure that they thoroughly understand the primary objectives of the organization. To avoid high employee turnover, there should be proper remuneration. This should be coupled with rewards for top performing employees to increase motivation. The manager should also be available and approachable. The employees will find it easy to approach them in case they do not understand various functions (Armstrong, 2002). Human resource managers need to ensure that they are in direct contact with the employees to achieve employee satisfaction hence facilitate the meeting of organizational objectives.

There are various contemporary human resource issues in the current society. Some of these include globalization, technological inventions, and physical well-being of employees (Ghosh & Kapoor, 1985). Such issues should be adequately addressed in every organization. Globalization has resulted in organizations having employees from diverse backgrounds. The likelihood of conflicts arising because of cultural differences is high. Human resource managers must ensure that organizations lay down policies that will be fair to all individuals. Sensitizing employees on their cultural differences is one way of providing this.

Employees sometimes view technological innovations as a threat to their employment. They might thus refuse to adapt processes. When introducing changes, human resource managers should explain the need for the changes and address concerns that employees might have (Armstrong, 2002). The manager should as well ensure that the organization adapts and implements labor laws that are meant to enhance the well-being of employees. Allowing them leaves and giving holiday retreats are some of the ways of motivating employees.

Understanding that human capital is the most important in an organization is essential. Employees typically have ideas as to how various processes can be enhanced. They should be given a platform to highlight their ideas (Ghosh & Kapoor, 1985). Those ideas that can be implemented for the benefit of the organization should be adapted and those who come up with them rewarded. Too much bureaucracy in an organization needs to be avoided to allow employees to approach the top-level management with innovations. The human resource managers should encourage innovation by employees by allowing them to have the ideas tested. Managers need to embrace new ideas from employees without seeing them as a threat to their positions. Good managers are those who strive to bring out the best in their subordinates.

Appropriate employee training and development plans should be established in organizations. There should be no discrimination of employees to attend these sessions. The employees will acquire new skills in the process (Armstrong, 2002). Their productivity is also enhanced after the training. The human resource manager should identify areas in which employees require training and development and focus on them. Encouraging employees to work in different departments within the organization is also good for their development.

Organizations should not overlook the role of labor unions. Their decisions directly impact on organizational activities. The organization should work hand in hand with labor union officials to avoid interference with their actions. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of labor unions are shown below.

Advantages Disadvantages

Promote better wages for employees May set a minimum wage too high for some organizations

Help workers get better benefits Some of the benefits demanded workers may not commensurate with the work they do.

Protect workers from discrimination, forced retrenchment Organizations may find it difficult to retain some employees due to economic conditions.

Speak on behalf of employees and gives direction May call for employee strikes leading to interference with production.


For an organization to be effective, employee relations need to be established. Managers, as well as employees, should know how to relate to each other. The human resource manager can come up with an employee relations training plan for its managers. Some of the components of the plan are:

1. Coaching. The human resource manager should identify managers with expertise in certain areas and match them with employees with potential in these areas. The managers will thus guide the employees allocated to them improving the relationships.

2. Holding discussions with managers and employees on ways in which employee relations can be enhanced.

3. Identifying areas in which employee relations are crucial and highlighting ways of ensuring that good relationships are maintained.


Organizations should be dynamic to change. There are constant developments that occur both in the external and internal environment of the organization. Finding ways of effecting the changes in the organizations without raising conflicts with some parties is essential. Globalization has affected most organizations and human resource managers should be in the frontline to ensuring that their organizations are adequately prepared to handle these changes. Employee relations form the basis for change management. Organizations should prioritize on providing that good employee relations are developed for them to remain relevant. (Armstrong, M. 2002)



Armstrong, M. (2002) A Handbook on Human Resource Management Practice, 10th edition. London: Kogan Page Ltd.

Ghosh, P.K. & Kapoor, G. K. (1985). Business and society: A study of Business-Environment Interface. Sultan Chand & sons, New Delhi.


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