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The project of the case study is Zider Dwellings developed by architects Estudio Arguitetura and MEIUS Arguitetura. The owner of the building is Uilton Roberto Rocha. The project was designed by Guilherme Jose Tetzi Rocha, Leticia Oliveira Azevedo, and Eduardo de Oliveira Franca. The designers used Sketch UP and Autocard software in designing the project. The location of the project is R. Itauan, 452 Colegio Batista, Belo Horizonte MG, 31110-070, Brazil. The project was completed in 2015 with a total cost of US$ 965,089, with an approximate cost of $638.50 per unit. The design of the building put into consideration the cost of the entire project and it adopted a condition that did not increase the financial obligation of the developers (Arch Daily).

The conception of the project was informed by the need to make fragmented land tracts to be used innovatively to create unique units in the location. The city has most of its blocks measuring 360m2 and with rectangular shapes. The architects behind this project are renowned for their distinctive architectural innovation. For instance, in Zider Dwellings, they innovatively created the limited space to ensure that there was the construction of an apartment building that had sufficient amenities and services. In the same respect, the design has incorporated the allowance of sufficient lighting and open space, which is critical in ensuring that the occupants can add in their own distinctive features that symbolize their unique personalities. The design of the building has incorporated aspects of both social and private life with the bottom studios serving as services and social area and there is the inclusion of private areas in some units.Zider Dwellings is an apartment building located on a block of 10 meters that were tested by 40 long. This block allowed the development of the project to use 680m2 of land. There was spatial quality increase because of the terraces next to to the apartment leading to the building accessible on the ground level to be developed into two-level studios housing services and social areas. This spatial quality enabled the creation of more units within the projects vicinity resulting with four duplex studios that have private areas. There was the development of a floor holding double units and double duplexes above the four duplex studios. The design and development of the project resulted with eight residential apartments and six of the apartments include a private area. All of the units have double height in the social area. Six of the apartments have are three bedroomed units and the other two are two bedroomed. Apartments seven and eight have an extra room.


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