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Art is believed to be as old as humankind. The nature of information, interpretation, and application of an art work requires more than the normal view as the meanings are hidden hence the need for attention and skills. For a long time, art work has remained and still is one of the most precious gifts that individuals possess as they define, explain and provide solutions to the challenges of the society. In the current era as a result of improved technology, the world of art has been influenced positively and negatively especially in school set up. What students are being taught in schools today fails to capture the cognitive element which is a necessity in arts. It is for this reason that the most outstanding art works to ever exist are still traced in the archives as the living artists do not provide the feeling, emotional touch and diversity aspect in their work.

Eisner in his work provides ten essential lessons that one can obtain from arts. They are all factual, convincing and based on observation, research, and experience, other scholars, have defended his position. I, therefore totally approve the lessons and advocates to support the art world as they are the foundation of civilization. Some of the lessons explaining my position include;

First, art informs students the necessity of making an informed judgment on qualitative relationships. This lesson is critical and far from what is taught in schools. It emphasizes on the significance of making judgments as opposed to the application of the formula to ascertain the correctness of an issue. The truth is before a decision is made, in-depth analysis, investigation, and understanding are required. All these aspects are essential for cognitive growth hence boosts the thinking and reasoning ability of the learners. Furthermore, the quality of judgment is facilitated by the attention which is vital in understanding the primary components of the relationship hence resulting in a more satisfying piece.

Secondly, through art, students understand that a problem can have more than a single solution. The beauty of art is the fact that, it can be viewed from different perspectives. Every individual can make his or her correct interpretation independently of the other. In other words, it embraces the diversity of views which is hard to find in other fields. In a school setting, for example, students are provided with standard approaches or formula to reach a specific answer. Implying that, there is a particular road map that if followed results to a specific common answer. It is unlike art where problems are defined differently, and alternative solutions may be applied.

Thirdly, art enables children to voice and say that which cannot be said at their capacity. Art speaks by creating strong emotional touch. A drawing, for example, may pass information to a group of people about the feelings, intention, and the challenges affecting the society without necessarily speaking in person or reporting. Similarly, children may pass information to leaders or the elderly through poems, dance, drawings and much more. It, therefore, acts as an intermediary that links people or groups in an informative way appreciated by the society.

In conclusion, the power of art is too loud and can never be neglected. Art is of significance in achieving cohesiveness in the society as well as reflecting the current and future challenges that may occur in the community. As a problem-solving tool, it enables the majority to develop different approaches to finding solutions in every sector affecting human kind in the society.

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