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What Are Some of the Natural Phenomena Described/Explained in the Chumash Stories?

1. Thunder and lightning. This is explained by the Chumash stories the depiction of the natural phenomenon in the form of two brothers. They cause thunder and lightning when they play the game of hoop and pole.

2. The stories explain the spark of the sun. This is represented as an individual who carries a torch throughout the day. As he tries to snap his torch, he develops sparks that represent the stars

3. The seven stars referred to as the Pleiades. They are represented as boys who went away from their homes after being abandoned. They covered themselves with droppings from geese and sang until they became the seven stars.

4. Earthquakes are explained by having to serpents beneath the earth and holding it in place. They sometimes get tired and start to move and this cause earthquake.

5. The phases of the moon are explained by a huge eagle that holds the world together and never moves. But when it gets tired it stretches and causes the different phases of the moon.

Other Thoughts or Notes

When the eagle stretches completely an eclipse occurs.

Take a minute to look up some Bible verses on Creation and The Flood (Genesis Chapters 1 and 6:9-8-15). You can look here if you want. are these two religious texts, the Chumash Stories and the Bible, similar? How are they different? What do you think that means?

Similar Different

They both have aspects of supreme being responsible for their creation and the rest of the world. For Chumash, Hutash or the Earth Mother is responsible for creating the Chumash people. On the other hand, in the Bible, God is responsible for the creation of heaven and earth and all life on earth.

They both have aspects of supernatural powers responsible for the development of certain phenomena The Chumash stories are more mythical while those of the Bible are more historical.

They both have stories that are passed on from generation to generation

Chumash stories are mostly passed on by word of mouth while Biblical stories are recorded in the Bible, and it is a written account of the Christian religion

Tending the Wild

In your own words, please describe Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK)

Traditional ecological knowledge is associated with indigenous knowledge that is used by indigenous people for the conservation of the resources of their environment. It is a body of knowledge that is usually passed down from generation to generation about ways of maintaining the sustainability of resources. It is a field of study that helps explain aspects of particular society about their environments.

What is a cultural burn?

Cultural burns refer to the use of fire for the management of natural resources. It is a management system used by many indigenous people around the world. Cultural burns could be used to reduce fuel, get rid of invasive species and other aspects of resource management. It was used in small scale, and the damage was controlled. Cultural burning was used to enhance the health of the land and sometimes used to reduce hazards within the land.

Why is fire important?

Fire is very important in the management of resources in the land. It is most useful in the management of vegetation. The fire could be used to destroy particular species of plant and allow another to flourish after the burning. Sometimes patch burning can be used to create different fire intervals on the land, and this is very important for the management of the land. Fire can also be used to increase access to forests for the search of food by reducing the density.

Why is the health of the Salmon important to Native peoples and the environment?

Salmons are fish that can swim upstream, and they help show that rivers are healthy and vibrant. They are a great source of food for indigenous people and animals in the environment. Salmon flowing rivers and water shed indicate clean water that is fresh and safe for drinking. Native people of America consider Salmons as a very important source of food. They are responsible for sustaining their lives. They are an indication of a clean environment, and both animals and vegetation strive in an ecosystem that has salmon.

What do you think Jon Christensen means when he talks about decolonizing our diets?

The aspect of decolonization of the diet is based on heavy pressure on unhealthy food. We live in a world where the food that we eat is slowly killing us. The life expectancy has gone high thanks to high levels of cholesterol in the food today. Many people are dying of heart attacks and diabetes. Decolonization of diet entails the strengthening of healthy eating practices to safeguard our health.

How did colonialism change Native Life?

One of the main changes brought about by colonization is the change in the lives of the natives in the form of use of land. Native people were mostly ecosystem people who derived every aspect of their lives forms their environment. However, colonialists brought with them products of industrialization. They were forced to convert to Christianity and leave their old beliefs and way of life to adopt the European way of life associated with pollution and over exploitation of the land.

How do Gerald Clarke, Jr.s art address the history and the contemporary experience of his people?

Clarke uses his arts to develop a connection with his people. He is of Native Indian descent, and this is a cultural background that was greatly destroyed by the European. Few people in his culture are left, and he stands firm using art as a way of teaching others of the native Indian culture. He forms the Cahuilla community, and he prides himself on his community through his art developments that have won awards.


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