Essay Example: Proposal of a Law to Stop Recognizing Church Gay Marriages

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Various forms of sexual immorality such as homosexuality, gay marriage, and whoredom have been on the rise in the society. These issues have raised ethical issues, and more questions are being raised concerning whether laws regulate these practices or allow people to go on with their sexual gratification. I am writing to propose necessary actions that can be taken to end a gay marriage that is practiced in the society.

First of all, gay marriage has enormous negative impacts on individuals as well as the society as a whole. Gay marriage denies a child a chance to have either a father or mother. This kind of marriage defeats the primary purpose of marriage and creates a sterile union rather than a family. Moreover, it violates the law of the land that justifies relationship between a man and a woman. Gay marriage should not be considered as a marriage since it is ungodly. Furthermore, it validates homosexual lifestyle in the society which in long-term turn moral wrong into a civil right.

As you are aware, the churches have been bestowed with powers to approve or disapprove marriages in the society. They have privileges to join spouses in matrimony, but this privilege has been abused through legalizing gay marriages thus creating issues that need to be addressed. I propose that the state should introduce a law banning gay church marriages and impose other conditions that stop churches from bestowing civil rights for homosexuals.

Alternatively, strict conditions should be set concerning the acquiring of licenses and certificates for a church to conduct gay marriage. Making it expensive to conduct a gay marriage in the church will significantly discourage the vice. Although each has a right to marry according to his/her wishes, gay marriages in churches should not be legalized at all. Recently, I experienced a gay marriage being conducted on a day broad light in the presence of young children. This made me wonder what kind of message the event communicated to the children because it taught them to practice immoral actions in the society.

If the churches are stopped from conducting gay marriages, the marriage institution will be redefined. Gay marriage alters the covenant of relationship between a man and a woman and goes against traditional norms. The action will further reduce the harm of same sex couples on children. Children need both father and mother to flourish in life thus legalizing gay marriage will deny them this key opportunity. Furthermore, the action will support procreation and raising of children.

On the other hand, setting strict rules for churches will result in fewer cases of gay marriages but will not end the problem. Gay marriage is associated with many adverse effects such as diseases and impacts in emotional and psychological health. Introducing punitive measures such as expensive license will play a role in controlling the effects of this culture. This will in long-term result to a morally upright society where people safe sexual practices.

However, both actions can create harmful social effects in the community. The ban on church gay marriage is likely to cause mental health problems to gay and lesbian people in short-term. The individuals affected are likely to develop depression and stress that may ultimately lead to death. In long-term, the ban will generate institutional discrimination against the gay community. This will result to further stigma and seclusion of the victims in the society.

Nonetheless, according to my research, I found that my proposal is likely to create more positive than negative impacts. I propose that the concerned bodies should implement the matter quickly to solve the emerging problem in the society. Thank you.

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