Essay on the Biblical Interpretations of Gender Equality and Homosexuality

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Succinctly, the study and interpretation of the Bible is the cornerstone and the pillar upon which theology emanates. As such, these studies and understanding never come to an end but pave the way for progressive comprehensions as scholars and religious people endeavor to understand the holy book. Along these lines, increased utilization of a critical framework in history has opened doors to a new epoch. With this new era, comes new possibilities as well as varied perceptions and interpretation. Different religious denominations now understand and interpret the Bible in diverse ways. Be that as it may, these denominations are faced by similar predicaments and hurdles; the world is changing and developing at a heightened rate, and so are the social constructs. In light of this comprehension it, therefore, becomes imperative for all religious denominations to interpret the Bible from a modern point of view. These gatherings should shun from utilizing the rigid systems and interpret the scriptures through their historical contexts juxtaposed on the contemporary context.

Today, the church is confronted by dynamic sexual morals of the modern-day way of life, with homosexuality and gender equality being top of the list. Thus, there has to be a clear voice from all religious domains on these issues, both for the soundness of our societal well-being and our devoted faith. In so doing, the churchs voice founded in the modern context of the Bibles interpretation will put forward a religious vision of human sexuality as a decent endowment of God. Love and the divine design of sexual articulation regardless of the underlying parties should be principal to the human culture and is essential to human development. It is crucial to express this ethic as acceptable and a virtue authoritative on every one of us while perceiving our need of divine grace. Moreover, this school of thought stems from our commitment and obligation to God. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength (Deuteronomy 6:5). From the book of Genesis, God created human beings in his image (Gen. 1:27). People, therefore, be they male or female, inherit their humanity and true being from God. At that point, the Bible is seen to dictate two life-improving choices for sexual orientation: monogamy (Gen. 2:18) or celibacy (Matt. 19:12). This sexual behavior is depicted as a blessing from God, given as He wills for His good and the benefit of the individuals who get and share in His blessing to them. Subsequently, these scriptures were founded on the societal constructs of the day. Today, the church needs to adopt a new approach interpretation that despite upholding the original message, does not interpret it word for word.

Looking back, it becomes apparent that heterosexuality has been deeply rooted and advocated for in the society, a perspective that is still evident in the modern world. Be that as it may, cases of homosexuality have always been part and parcel of the society. In the old testament, Judges 19 narrates the story of the Levite and his concubine. This story mirrors some of the most controversial topics in the history of religion; gender equality, power, and treatment of the female sex. In this story, the violent treatment of women characters is predominant. Also, there is a mention of some aspects of homosexuality. Thus, interpretations of this story have attracted quite a stir among religious scholars and denominations about gender equality and homosexuality portraying elements of both progressions and gaps with previous biblical stories. In the modern context, many denominations ignore the significance of these scriptures primarily for the comprehension of the political and religious constructs of pre-menarchal Israel. A critical analysis of these chapters is, however, significant for our understanding of the religious and social structures at that time, understanding that would then be instrumental in relations to the modern context. Whats more, there seems to be a connection between the stories in Judges 19 and the story of Lot (Genesis 19).

Modern denominations have been adamant in their opposition to homosexuality quoting various biblical verses and teachings (Leviticus 20:13). In their view, there is an array of evidence in the Bible that supports their opposition to homosexuality including teachings of Jesus, his disciples, as well as his way of life. However, when Jesus reaffirmed the conventional Jewish gauges of sexual conduct, he was speaking in a purely Jewish setting where individuals would recognize what his shorthand teachings and examples implied. Also, when Paul was addressing the Gentiles, his message was tailored to suit and benefit that particular audience, illuminating more unmistakably what was and what wasnt a piece of the new-creation way of life for those in Christ. Upon this background, it is plausible that the society was consistently outlandish in that world, as it is again today. As a result, the church should refrain from depicting the Bible as a gathering of rigid rules and a list of right morals. There are a lot of particular tenets and right morals there, but they go in close vicinity to the bigger picture, which is the tale of how God is saving and re-establishing his entire creation, with his salvation of people at the core of it. Religion should not be reduced to merely deciding where to do this or that, or where this and that is right or wrong. Synonymous to the teachings of Paul, God introduced a new creation in Jesus. Our primary objective should be to live well as veritable people, as both a sign and a method for that re-establishment. We have to advise ourselves that the whole scriptural sexual ethic is profoundly contrary to intuition. The underlying principle is that sexual limitation is required for all, troublesome for most, to a significant degree trying for some. Furthermore, God is charitable and lenient, so his creational guidelines do not make a difference all things considered.

In synopsis, the backdrop above plausibly depicts that it has become imperative for modern churches and denominations to open their doors to gender equality and embrace homosexuality. The process may not be spontaneous given the longevity aspect and depth of conventional beliefs and subjective perceptions over the years, but the process must start now. The political domain is already embracing homosexuality as seen by the increased legalization of gay marriages on the global spectrum and so should the church. It is the high time that the church came to terms with the fact that the Bible was founded in a different context that has evolved over the decades; its interpretation, therefore shouldnt remain rigid but change parallel to the external factors that surround the whole enigma. Once these denominations refrain from the generalization of the Bible, it will be possible to accommodate everyone regardless of the sexual orientation. This way, we will comprehend that God sees us people and that we enough and sufficient just as we are.

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