Essay on the Benefits of Carolingians from Their Alliance with the Papacy

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The history of Carolingians family can be traced from Frankish aristocrats who establish a dynasty between 750-887AD to rule the Western Europe. The name Carolingian originated from a group of family members who had the same name called Charles. The family came to power as hereditary mayors for the Frankish Kingdom. Notably, the Carolingians played the role of an administrator in the government of Merovingian Kings and were in command of all territories as well as they led the Frankish armies in the battlefield. Therefore this paper seeks to explain the benefits Carolingians achieved through their alliance with Papacy. Additionally, the paper shall explain how King Alfred of Wessex coped with Viking attacks on Anglo-Saxon England.

Charles Martel builds up Carolingian power over his enemies in the Frankish Kingdom using the theory of Carolingian grand strategy. The Carolingian great plan is a long-term political as well as a military tactic used to woo a group of people. Notably, it should last longer than the regular campaign period. Charles Martel ensured that the throne remained vacant following the death of Theodoric IV and using this grand strategy approach, he successfully made a political alliance with the aristocracy. This political alliance gave the Carolingian power and authority to rule over the Frankish Kingdom, and as a result, a formidable military was formed to support the union welfare. Charles Martel utilized the organization of the army to conquer his enemies (Riche, 1998).

The Anglo-Saxon missionaries played a spiritual nourishment role (especially Boniface) in building contacts between Papacy and Carolingians because they influenced the spread of Christianity in the Frankish Kingdom. The Anglo-Saxon missionaries established and administered over the churches because they wanted to gain support and independence through Papacy control. The ministers supported the appointed papacy as bishop, and through this act of freedom, they ensured that Carolingians supported their decision to impose Christianity on the Saxons and other Germany tribes (Talbot, and Charles, 1954).

Popes decided to ally with Carolingians because they wanted their support in return to spread Christianity in the region. Notably, the collaboration between the Popes and Carolingians was further influenced by the need to wed the communities firmly to the Roman Catholic because they had the support and protection from the Franks. For instance, Charles Martel led Frank to a resounding victory over the Muslim army. The Carolingian later offered the pope with a vast land they had recovered from the Lombard (donation of, Pepin) and as well as defended the Pope in Rome. Charles Martel demanded all pagans Saxons convert to Christianity and their land to be used to build churches.

Popes contribute to the buildup of the Carolingian power because they were powerful men and people respected their final decision. Pope Zachary, through his position, influenced the removal of the puppet king Childeric III and instigated Pepin the short to take charge of power mantle to reduce the attacks in Italy by the Lombard. Stephen II later succeeded Pope Zachary and made Pepin III the king of the Franks because of the impending Lombards and Muslim threats. Pope Leo was made the Charlemagne emperor because of the faith they had in him.

In Conclusion, Carolingians supported the spread of Roman Catholic religion; as a result, forcing all it remembers to embrace Christianity. Carolingians improved governance by increasing efficient bureaucracy, control, cultural renaissance, and accountability. On the hand, the Frankish kingdom faced many threats because of their rigid rules but later enjoyed peaceful coexistence.

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