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Integration of faith usually takes on some different forms. For me, I consider using the chances that may come up majorly avoiding to shy away from Christianity. My classes are majorly related to business and leadership, in my Integration of faith, I will be including a verse study from Proverbs in each week and also use appropriate parables in the discussion of a leadership topic. For example the anticipation theory and the parable of the grapevine yard owner who hires workers throughout the day. Proselytizing and Scripture thumping are not my technique, though others use them.

At any situation, anybody can take charge of some position. A leader is not merely a designation, but it is a transformation of different principles and morals which the individual in charge exhibits. The manner in which a leader leads is majorly based on the person's core values as well as the personality. In this article, I will talk about only one core value beginning from each point counting all the values from personal, organizational interpersonal, as well as collective values (Jang, 2016). Personally, I perceive, integration of faith as a daily occurrence virtue, involving actions like treating others the same way you to be treated by being proficient in discussions and not plagiarizing or photocopying a colleague's work. To me, faith is not overt in class, but it is an invariable connotation that should be taught to our students. To start with, integrity is usually the most influential ethical value someone individual can have; it is incorporated into the moral judgment, personality, and sincerity. Once this value is at the core of my students, dependable and trustworthy actions will automatically establish a groundwork opening for others to trail along.

Students should not only follow their commitments but also treat their colleagues in the same manner in which they wish to be treated. I will unreservedly communicate with my students and feel self-assured on the attributes of faith decisions. These conducts will provide a clear understanding of leading my students in revealing their principles to others. each student will be treated evenly along with just opportunities to progress based on the student's hard work. Faith is usually assumed as an essential virtue since the current society seems to be dulled down intellectually with wiped out morality standards. My decisive objective by exhibiting this value is basically to persuade others to offer and practice the same moral values towards others so that we can reinstate faith in the world today (Swezey, 2012).



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