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People are spiritual beings in one way or another, but the religious nature of man is cross-cultural, that is why there are Christians, Buddhist, Muslims, Jews, Marxists among others religions in the world. Due to the cross-cultural aspect of faith, there are identifiable differences in the African, western and eastern beliefs (Smart, 143). Religious action varies from one religious group to another to another, but there is a standard definition of spiritual activities used in the theological study. Defining what is sacred and what is not require outlining the primary attributes that establish a religion, and serve as the valid criterion under which, a religious behavior is a proved. When analyzing the different world regions, certain characteristics are collectively identified dominant in defining religious actions. The most collective and standard features determined in this case include

Addressing of the sacred In every religion, there is an exceptional experience that unites the people of the faith. What makes the experience unique is an extraordinary feeling which is numinous and divine. Each religion, for example, has a religious relation with a supreme being referenced as God (Eliade, 155). The holy God is not a coined abstract or idea but a being, associated with substantial divine power. What is sacred is referenced as holy and creates a feeling of terror when presented. According to Eliade (156), Sacred is manifested to man differently from the profane. The sacred is revealed as hierophany, for example, it can be present as real objects such as trees and stones. In other instances, supreme beings are presented for example according to the Christian religion God is revealed to man as Jesus Christ. When the sacred is projected in different forms, people begin to worship and rituals are practiced.

Symbols of faith

Faith can never be compromised in any religion, as it holds the religious belief together more than any attribute of religion. Man communicate symbolically because of symbols complete, and deliver the ultimate message. Symbols translate how they appear, to reflect another meaning. In this case, we can say in human life; symbols are used to express the ultimate (Abernethy and Langford, 161). Symbols also are a part of what they define for example, in the Christian religion the cross is a symbol used in church and by all Christians as a symbol of the holy trinity and a presentation of the body of Christ. The cross, therefore, is shaped to present what it defines inform of art. They are also adopted following the understanding of the symbol common conscious presentation and also, a representation of what cannot be lived, for example, death, they also present a situation that changes. Every world religion has a symbolic display that is recognized by its followers. Despite the presence of different religious symbols, they all are different in the way they appear and what they present making symbols of faith feature valid to define religious behavior.

Ethics, virtue and morality

Every religion has a universal projected behavior which is derived from the religion ethics and virtues. The ethics in religion define the dos and do not (Smart, 145). For example, in the Muslim faith, there are the sharia laws established by Prophet Muhammad, and in Christianity and Judaism, there are the Ten Commandments. The regulations define well and evil based on every religion beliefs, and they tend to shape the portrayed human behavior (Whitefield, 221).The believers are brought together in agreement of the codes sets and therefore, ethical aspects of religion form a reasonable criterion for defining religious actions.

Belief in the supernatural natural being

Religion originates from the define revelation gifted to man. However, theologians and scientist seem to disagree on this origin of faith. According to scientist religion arises from the creative nature of man, but theologian perceives religion as an aspect of the gifted human spirit (Tillich, 143). Despite the difference in explanation, a divine power that scientist cannot define is found common amongst different religions. Different world religions have different names given to the divine power and a superior being that is beyond human control. The Supreme Being is given a symbolic name God, but in each religion, the divine being is referenced in different names, for example, Muslim refer God as Allah. According to Abernethy and Langford (126), the existence of God is beyond human understanding and control, making man subordinate. Despite all the mythical narratives about God, there is a common universal understanding of the Devine being, making the belief in God coming ground too used in defining the features of religious behaviors.

Ritual actions

What is sacred is deemed religious and behind every sacred object or being, associated with any religion, a ritual is performed (Elide, 154). Ceremonies are performed in commemoration of a shared belief and time, that unit every religion member together. Rituals are aligned with sacred moments, sacred object and place and this is why, only chosen people are ordained to lead in ceremonies, for example, the priests in the Christian setting and the imam for Muslims. In other occasions, people visit specific places to celebrate different rituals, for example, the Christian go to the church to celebrate Holy Communion and the Muslim visit Makah to commemorate the journey op prophet, Muhammad. Traditionally and in the modern society, rituals bid every religious believer with their divine spirits and ancestors (Tillich, 121). Rituals are a common aspect of every religion, despite the difference in meaning of each ceremony that acts as a universal criteria for defining religious actions.

A religious feeling

Every religion has a religious belief that gives the followers a sense of belonging. The feeling is commonly divine and spiritual and likely to occur when one remains faithful to the teaching of his or her faith (Whitefield, 161). Also, the sacred places and object and times of rituals arouse the spiritual feeling of belonging. For example, the Muslim believes in jihad which is a form of ravage to those who cause pain. Christian feel the pleasures off proclaiming Jesus everywhere (Whitefield, 240). The ability to believe in one religion teaching and acquire a sense of belonging creates the ground for valid criteria for defining religious behavior.

Prayer and another form of communication

Religion is connected to the Supreme Being and communication is the only way one unites with the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being communicate to use in multiple ways such as through the scripture, through prophets and church leaders. Religious follower through prayers communication to God examples of prayers include the apostles creed, the lords players, and the Nicene Creed. However, connection with God in any religion is not limited to prayers. The offering of sacrifices and worshiping through singing also serves as means of communicating with God (Whitefield, 220). Presence of communication channels to God that are spiritual in different religion makes it a standard feature for defining religious action


Very religion is formed by some people sharing a common belief. The people are referred as followers, and they unite together to carry out rituals, such as prayers, worship, and sacrifices to God.

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