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The relationship between science and religion has been prone to various discussion. This is mainly because the two subjects seem to have different things in commons and at the same time indicates differences. It has been addressed by various philosophers, theologians, scientist and also scientists. Science takes into account and at the same time acknowledges reasoning and evidence while religion on the other hand religion mainly revolves around faith, sacredness and also the revelation of future happenings.

Evans (2011), argued that religion puts into account the conceptual framework about which the science can flourish. Science is defined as the invented or the initiated cultural institution which majorly needs a different soil in to prosper. And it is also argued that Christian world will eventually give birth in a bright and also very articulate fashion towards the experimental methods of the science itself. In comparison to the animistic religions, it is noted that Christianity does not put or at the same time view the world to be divine or to be so much indwelt with the spirits. However, they see it as the natural product of creator who came up with it. So according to Christianity, the world is a rational place which is majorly opened for exploration, invention and also discovery.

Littlewood (2013), also emphasizes that science in many occasions encounters very many problems that religion can accurately help to solve. Science as a subject has so many insatiable need for so many explanations but mostly reaches its ability to explain various problems. And thus in most cases, theology or religion bitterly help to explain the different phenomenon. In most scenario still, most of the scientific and technical innovation before the scientific revolution were mainly achieved through societies which were organized through religious traditions. Littlewood (2013), continues to argue that many scientists, philosophers, and theologians throughout their history have seen compatibility or even independence between science and religion. Both the two that is science and religion is described to be very involved and social endeavors that are so different from the culture and also changes with time. Both science and religion are interconnected closely in the scientific research and study of the religion which can even be traced back to the early days of histories religion. Natural historians in the other hand attempted to explain the naturalistic behavior of the human behavior and culture.

As noted so far, in many cases the relationship between science and religion is so much focused on the relationship between the science and Christianity. And not so much into other faiths such as the Islamic and also Judaism etc. however, on the other hand, the relationship between science and Islamic faith is a little bit complex. In the recent years, the dominant Islamic countries such as countries like the United Arabs Emirates enjoy a very high urbanization and at the same time very high technological development. But still, with all these, they still underperform in the standard metric of scientific research. That may include things such as publication of leading journals but above all these Islamic states are still the leading regarding the pseudoscientific ideas such as old earth creationism and also in the superiority of prayer in treating the lower back pain as compared to the conventional methods.

Philipse (2013), suggested that current studies in the field of science and religion try to explain a load of efforts and topics which include the free will, ethics and human nature and not forgetting the consciousness. Even before the scientist come up with their ideas on the creation and a\lso the origin of the earth, most of the western countries already had greater and also elaborate doctrines based on the biblical story of creation. Also about the doctrine of creation and the origin of the earth is the different views on the divine actions. Many theologians nearly outline the distinction between the general and special divine action. But of less important is that there does not exist a clear distinction between the two principles or concept in the field of theology, science or even religion.

Philipse (2013), argued that some of the contradicting parts in the relationship between science and religion is the scientific findings that God was always pushed to the margins. This approachment of the science in the territory of religion happens in two ways amongst which are scientific outputs in particular from geology and evolutionary theology which challenges biblical concepts.

Some of the relevant sections which focus on the future relationship between science and religion will also take into account two examples of work in both science and also the religion which have increased so much attraction and attention recently. And this will be so much important in the future years and thus mainly include evolutionary ethics and cognitive science of religion. Many other areas which are generating a lot of interest include the conciseness and also the artificial intelligence.



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