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Despite the fact that Artificial Intelligence is not yet at a position to undertake some core functions and activities did man, it is no doubt that many harbor an inner fear of losing their jobs in future. Many organizations, manufacturing companies, and homes are gradually accepting the fact that AI is soon becoming the major operator and player of jobs. A few years back, AI was feared and treated with caution. However, as the world progresses in its discoveries and inventions, AI is gradually becoming the core aspect of all functionalities and operations. Human beings have re-engineered core aspects of computing to accommodate far superior qualities making AI distinctly better at undertaking core operations, especially in productions and manufacturing. Aspects such as spatial perception, memory, strength, sight, and hearing have greatly been improved in AI.

Superior qualities and abilities have pushed the incorporation of AI in major sectors of the economy in many countries, learning institutions, research centers, homes, and private organizations. The continue spread and application of AI in almost all sectors of humanity has led to the fear among many that with time AI will replace jobs held by humanity. Over the years and since the inception of AI into major functionalities of several sectors, production has increased, business has maintained and improved efficiency and reliability. Compared with human labor AI has proved to be efficient and dependable. As organizations and countries focus on creativity and growth, AI is proving to be the way to go with the primary aim of maintaining a level playing field with other similar businesses and organizations.

Compared with the strengths and abilities of humanity, AI stands tall in terms of problem-solving, communication abilities, and creativity. The above scenario forms the core aspects of efficiency and high-level production in addition to competence. According to XXXX, the top best-performing companys worldwide use and are deeply involved with AI on a large scale. Majority of business leaders and top organizations management team acknowledge that AI has enabled them to increase profit and reduce on wages paid out to workers.

With many organizations embracing application of AI, humanity is gradually growing to fear the overall effect on their jobs. It is no doubt that with continued improvement on AI and technology, humanity will be replaced in many fronts in sectors such as designing, accounting, and arts especially creativity. Many companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Asia, and Africa are gradually laying off a number of their staff in numerous sectors to be replaced with AI. The growing trend has seen many workers improve on their education level especially on sharpening their computing skills to remain relevant at the workplace. The continued rise in the number of workers taking up training on computing skills is evident enough to show that many people fear to lose their jobs to AI.

It is no doubt that humanity will lose their jobs to AI in the future as improvement and development continue in the computing sector. Fears of losing jobs are real and many people understand the impact that AI will have on humanity. However, while some may lose jobs, quite a number of people will secure jobs created by the application and use of AI. These include system administrators, designers, IT personnel, among others who will have the mandate of overseeing the application and use of AI.

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