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The Bible gives an account of the action of God in the world, together with His purpose with all creation. The Bible is made up 66 books which contain Gods message desired for us (The International Bible Society). It delivers stories about the ways of the good and wicked people, about Jesus life, and about the activities of the early church. The texts in the Bible are written as proverbs, narratives, prophecy, songs, and even parables. All the accounts depicted in the Bible were not mostly written down as they happened. Rather they were communicated over and over again. Eventually, they were handed over down through the generations before they were written. Despite its depiction as the God's word, questions are being raised around this topic. The element of doubt is accompanied by the need to show evidence that the Bible is a holy book. The following texts back the claim that the Bible is Gods word and informs the reader that they should believe in it and live according to its instructions.

First, the Bible is accurate in scientific matters. From the Bible, Gods word tells us that He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing (Job 26:7). From this text, it is evident that Job acknowledged that the earth hung in space prior to the phase of contemporary space travel and stargazing. It is therefore right to say that this knowledge would only have been given to Job through the Holy Spirit. During Isaiahs days, the scientist never knew the earths topography, but from the book of Isaiah 40:22 states: It is [God] that sitteth upon the circle of the earth. Again, it is through divine inspiration that Isaiah knew that the earth had a circular form meaning it could be a globe or sphere.

Second, the book of scriptures is the only book on the planet with exact predictions. God imparted to humanity through motivation as proof in prediction. There are more than 300 precise predictions about Jesus in the Old Testament. These are satisfied in the New Testament. Stating that these were fulfilled by chance would be a cosmic difficulty (MINISTRIES WITH ADRIAN ROGERS, n.d.). God utilized the prophets to impart and express his words. Furthermore, God used supernatural occurrences that were satisfied by prophets to verify His emissaries. Concerning the old confirmation, Jesus articulates that the sacred writings couldn't be broken and in this way, they are enlivened, adequate and definitive. He guaranteed that the book of scriptures would lead people as well as His witnesses in reality. With regards to Genesis 12:7, Abraham and his relatives were guaranteed the place that is known for Israel by God. Additionally, the book of scriptures is additionally acknowledged through authentic precision. Not only did Jesus proclaim to be Gods son, but he as well demonstrated his claims through execution of marvels, Messianic predictions and His recorded revival from the dead. Jesus said that the book of scriptures was the expression of God.

No archeological finding has ever controverted a biblical reference (Glueck, 1959). Many discoveries in archeology have been made which vividly affirm most historical statements in the Bible. For instance, in the Old Testament, we are informed that Belshazzar facilitated a feast with a great many his kin. A hand showed up all of a sudden and composed on the divider. Daniel translated the words on the divider and was made the third ruler in the kingdom by Belshazzar. In 1853, archeologist found inscriptions that showed why Belshazzar said Daniel would be the third ruler. Other examples of archeological findings would include the tower of Babel from Genesis 11, the fall of Jericho from Joshua 6, and Sodom and Gomorrah.

From the beginning to the end, the Bible peruses as a single volume. Moreover, there is a fantastic solidarity to the holy writings. The Bible is one book, but it is comprised of sixty-six books. It was composed by no less than forty distinct writers over a time of around one thousand six hundred years; in thirteen different nations and on three separate mainlands. It was penned down in no less than three unique dialects by individuals in each call. The Bible structures one magnificent sanctuary of truth that does not repudiate itself doctrinally, ethically, morally, religiously, experimentally, or in any other way.

Also, the same Holy Spirit who authored all Bible verses dwells in the hearts of every believer and demonstrates with individuals spirits that they are the children of God. Hence the existence of the Holy Spirit assures the fidelity of the Almightys word to humankind. Jesus also showed that the Holy Spirit would persuade the infidels regarding their transgression of unbelief, of the exemplary nature of Christ, and of the sentence, they will impart to Satan on the off chance that they endure in their unbelief.

The power of the Bible to change lives is no secret owing to the account of those who have come to know Christ. Paul the Apostle, who was once recognized for prosecuting the people of God declared that he was not afraid of Gods gospel since it was Gods plan for salvation to all who believe, (Romans 1:16). Additionally, the writer of Hebrews declared that Gods word is living, operative, and sharper than a double-edged sword that penetrates as far as to split up the marrow, joints, spirit, and soul. It indicates that the Bible can be used as a magistrate of the ideas and perceptions of the heart.

The testimony of the scribes is proof that the Bible is Gods word. The forty people who wrote the sacred texts over a time of one thousand five hundred years asserted that their underlying themes originated from the Almighty. Many were oppressed to the point of execution for their confidence. Out of the eleven devoted messengers, in addition to Paul, only John got away from a saint's death, in spite of the fact that he was bubbled in oil and expelled to Patmos. Regardless of his tribulations, John proceeded to declare the divine truth (Geisler, 2002) strongly.

Additionally, The New Testament was composed by colleagues and eyewitnesses of Jesus. For instance, Luke presumably gave an account of his gospel around 60 A.D., ahead of Acts. Since Jesus passed on around 33 A.D., it would put Luke just 27 years following the occasions, while most eyewitnesses and conceivably unfriendly witnesses were as yet alive and were able to discredit Lukes record.

All in all, the above writings demonstrate that the Bible is God's pledge. It is not a reading of the month but rather the word of the eternity. Moreover, the Holy Book is the original known writing on the planet that not only claims to be the expression of God but also turns out to be to be God's assertion. No book has ever had as much restriction as the book of scriptures. Individuals have disdained it, snickered at it, made laws against it, and decided it; yet the expression of God still survives.


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